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    "Dora" the explorer

    Nope you just need one
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    "Dora" the explorer

    This is what it looks like You hook it up to an air hose, and step on the petal to pull it. The puller attaches to the car via many different attachments like hooks, clamps, or welded plates. The car needs to be anchored to the ground as well as the puller.
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    My resurrected explorer

    I'm glad it seems like everyone approves of what I've done, as for the videos they both work fine for me so I'll have to look farther into it in the morning.
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    "Dora" the explorer

    We used a floor anchored frame pulling machine
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    My resurrected explorer
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    "Dora" the explorer

    Thank you for the welcome! Surprisingly there was no lower frame damage, it took more hours than i can count to do all the work. Since i only worked on it during the warm seasons and ive slowly been adding things its taken about two years to get it where its at right now. To get it to be...
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    "Dora" the explorer

    I got my hands on a totalled low mileage explorer and i turned it into this, i hope you like it