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    Clearance for 33's?

    Will a 3 inch body lift clear 33's?
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    Should I buy an Air Lift or no?

    I'm looking to lift my truck for new tires due to snow and ice. I have an 01 sport trac that I'm putting on 33's. I'm looking at lifts and I keep seeing the air lift suspension system. So is this the same thing as a regular suspension lift? Or is it only used for hauling and towing?
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    Help, I'm trying to lift my truck!

    What kinda of lift would you suggest?
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    Help, I'm trying to lift my truck!

    I have a 2001 Sport Trac. I recently moved and need new tires. I'm upgrading to 33's and I need to know about the size of lift I'd need to fit 33's. I know I can crank the torsion keys and then with the lift, it'll add some extra room. I'm thinking a 3" body would fit. I had a Ranger with 31's...