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    2002 Explorer/Mountaineer Shop Manuals Available

    Hello, I recently sold my 2002 Ford Explorer Sport and no longer need the shop manuals I accumulated. If you are interested in paper manuals: Workshop Manual Volume 1, Workshop Manual Volume 2, Wiring Diagrams and a Haynes, please check out: Thanks! ER
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    How to: Overhead console display fix - 2nd Gen

    Awesome! Thanks! Thallarsen- you deserve a medal. Thank you!
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    Rear Wheel Rotation Freeplay?

    Hi All, I have a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport. 175K miles. I'm about to put in new rear wheel axle oil seals (and bearings and brakes). Once I had it off the ground, but before aggressive disassembly, I rotated one rear wheel and it seemed to have a lot of "freeplay" or "takeup" before the...
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    Hot Brakes

    Yeah - the heat isn't coming from using the brakes, it is mostly from shoe and/or pad "drag".They are super hot without using them agressively. Haven't been able to get a temp reading. I am really curious why one side would have worn so much faster than the other. why wouldn't both sides be...
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    Hot Brakes

    I had a screaching problem with my brakes originating from the back of my 02 Explorer. The left, rear, pad was past the rivets, there was no pad left. The rotor showed the damage. l pulled the discs and put new rotors, new pads and new emergency shoes on. Also, the e-brake cable was frozen on...
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    Rear Wiper Motor Removal

    I feel better now that the Ford service guy looked at it and said, "Wow, that's gonna be a b*tch" The plastic cup wraps up and around the large nut at the base of it and prevents a socket from getting access to the nut.
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    Rear Wiper Motor Removal

    Hello! My rear window wiper failed yesterday on 2002 Ex Sport. I am certain that it is motor or linkage. I pulled the black cover off the back, pulled all screws on cover, exposing gears and got the arm off the front. Now the question: how do i remove the wiper motor retaining nut on the outside...