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    Solved rock vs glass

    By the time the discussion stretches and or continued use of the vehicle, lines of the spider web will expand beyond repair. Most US insurance will pay for the fix. It’s a safety concern that shouldn’t consider cost really.
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    Coolant reservoir is emptying slowly - 2015

    I had a very slow leak for a very long time. Filled the reservoir and check a month later it was dry. When I was having the AC clutch replaced the garage called and said I needed a radiator. There was a crack in the right side about three inches long and it was so fine the only reason it could...
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    negative battery terminal cable keeps coming loose 2002 XLT 4.6L 4WD

    I replaced the pos terminal with one like that but had to get a heavy duty crimper to secure the short cable terminal that side. Also using high temperature bearing grease on the post. Haven’t seen corrosion build up for many years since. I only clean it when I had to change the battery, about 3...
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    $400 for a GEM?

    I live in a world of acronyms so I was thinking Good Exorcism Module judging from the description of the symptoms. Now I know.
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    Another rear window problem

    So later we found that the glass must be down.
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    01-05 Sport Trac FAQs

    #4 Owner's Manuals Online Dead Link Removed Thanks in advance for your participation. Regards, John Keep on Trac'n Thanks in memorial to JR for the scrbd link to fix ST 04 rear window initialization issue! I pray he is Trac’n in heaven and smiling upon me and the rest of the forum’s members.
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    If you were to buy now, would you still buy what you bought? 6th Gen (2020+)

    For the price point I would buy a used Land Cruiser over the fully loaded 22 Wagoneer.Higher quality makes for greater dependability and longevity.
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    Wits End - Coolant Leak

    For untold years I had a microscopic crack in the right side of my radiator. Never over heated but every drop of whatever I put into the reservoir quickly disappeared. It wasn’t on a seam but exactly in the middle of the right side. Last year I took it in to replace the AC compressor and a great...
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    Winter/Snow tires

    Taking one set off and putting another set on and balancing each season for the lifetime of the tires will cost at least a grand. Go to the salvage yard pop for the stock steel wheels.
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    96 Explorer rough idle

    Plugs and wires should be next.
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    My explorer has been sitting for 5 years

    I don’t think after getting the engine started you’re going to roll out well after sitting so long. The tire rubber will have dried and hardened. Even if you have the extra thick rear sway bar it’ll be squirrelly in the back end going around corners, no matter how much tread is left.
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    Found the Explorer.... but its a Buy Back?

    Have you asked for a print out of the prior service records that dealers service systems keep?