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    2006 Explorer vs 2014 Grand Cherokee

    My 2006 Explorer Eddie Bauer with V8, rear wheel drive, safety canopy, tow package (never towed anything), and no third row seat was the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned, and I'm 58, so have owned more than a few vehicles. I miss the nice large cargo compartment. The seats were quite...
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    08 4.6l exhaust manifold leak, snapped bolts

    Thanks for this forum and thread! Don't forget the tremendous negative impacts of the silly CAFE regulations. Without those, Ford might have made the manifold of thicker cast iron.
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    Exhaust Manifold Gasket noise leak

    The CAFE regulations also contribute to making parts thinner than in the past.
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    2006 Ford Explorer exhaust leak

    Too bad the car makers are forced by CAFE to make parts thinner than they would like.
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    Highest mileage 2006-10 Explorer/Mountaineer

    Yes. Just before the warranty expired, I took it in for the hard downshift to first when stopping. The mechanic worked on it for a few days. I also had the fluid changed twice since then. I traded it today (8/19) at 163,132 for a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland with the5.7 V8, 4x4...
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    Explorer Dead Pedal / Left foot rest.

    left foot space lacking I sat in one at the car show last week and was amazed that there is a severe lack of left foot space in such a big wide vehicle. My 2006 Explorer has no such problem.
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    Highest mileage 2006-10 Explorer/Mountaineer

    I've driven a previous generation Transit with a manual transmission in Europe. A stick might be OK in Tennessee, but would be punishment in southern California traffic. The 2014 Connect has a twist-beam rear axle. My 1984 Pontiac Sunbird turbo had a twist-beam rear axle, and it handled...
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    Highest mileage 2006-10 Explorer/Mountaineer

    Yep, Toyota, much to their credit, is still making the 4Runner, but Ford stuck the Explorer name on a bloated mini-van-like thing with front wheel drive. Yuck! There is hope. Since Ford wants to get multiple vehicles from each "platform," the upcoming new Mustang platform might be ideal for...
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    Highest mileage 2006-10 Explorer/Mountaineer

    My 2006 Explorer Eddie Bauer with the V8, RWD, and the towing package now has 161,262 miles on it. How many miles on your 2006 - 10 Explorer or Mountaineer? By the way, the overall fuel mileage, based on the EVIC total gallons used counter, is 17.3 vs the (revised) EPA ratings of 13/19...
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    Shocker: Radiator Leaking (on a V8)

    It was $1,600 to replace the radiator, thermostat and change the transmission fluid at Santa Margarita Ford. I would have changed it myself, but had no idea the radiator was bad, as the gauge was not indicating over heating.
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    New transmission flaw fix kit

    I found what looks like a nice fix for a common flaw in the transmissions in 2006 to 2010 Explorers today: Update: Now I've found an even better kit from a company with comprehensive information on their web site...
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    After 80,000 Great Miles, MFT Still SUCKS!

    When will the new version with knobs come out? It seems Ford has lost many millions in sales with this junk system, making it a new classic example of failed corporate-think.
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    2006 Eddie Bauer - should I have buyer's remorse?

    My 2006 Explorer Eddie Bauer with V8, rear wheel drive, safety canopy, tow package (never towed anything), and no third row has been the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned, and I'm 55, so have owned more than a few vehicles. It just went past 150,000 miles. Here are the only problems...
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    *new* 2014 order guide new colours

    If you are using loans or leases, you will never regret becoming debt free and buying with cash. Yes, I could pay cash for things such as a Q7, but I can also buy houses for the same amount which throw off $7,000 per year pre-tax income with thee same amount. Easy decision.
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    Expected life of 6-speed transmission

    Mine is now at 152,000 miles.
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    *new* 2014 order guide new colours

    You guys complaining that my comments are "off topic" are funny. Isn't the point to discuss the order sheet and all of the information there, not just colors? Do you not agree that Ford seems to be trying to compete with the revised 2014 Durango and 2014 Grand Cherokee? Not at all. It now has...
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    *new* 2014 order guide new colours

    Perhaps most do not care about rear wheel drive, but that only means they do not know the difference. Front wheel drive, or front-based AWD, is just not as good. Notice that all of the best cars (Ferarri, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz, Maseratti, BMW, Jaguar, Aston-Martin, and even the big...
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    My 2013 Sport gets ordered today

    Why didn't you wait for a 2014 model?
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    *new* 2014 order guide new colours

    Thanks for posting the document! I see that the 365/350 engine is indeed now on the Sport. They are obviously trying to compete with the Chrysler offerings (Durango, Grand Cherokee), but lack the 8-speed transmission and superior rear wheel drive design which those vehicles offer. Of...
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    2014 Explorer

    Both the Explorer and the Durango offer captain's chairs in the second row, making them more useful for carrying things. My 2006 Explorer without the 3rd row is really handy, as the cargo compartment sides are not boxed-in, as is the case with all of the newer SUVs:
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    2014 Explorer Information and On Sale Date

    Thanks for the information on the Durango! I found a fleet web site which shows that the order banks opened for the 2014 Explorer on 2/25/2013, and that the Job1 date is 6/3/2013. If that is correct, the information on the specifications, options, and so forth should be out. Where is it?
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    2014 Explorer Information and On Sale Date

    When will we have information on the 2014 Explorer? When will it be on sale? Which auto show will they choose to show it? By the way, the Explorer and the new long wheelbase Hyundai Santa Fe are the only mid-sized SUVs to offer second row bucket seats, something which would make the...
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    Are you Fed up with MyFord touch like i am??

    The voice command function on the $2,500 Pioneer sound, navigation, XM, and rear camera system I installed (myself) in my 2006 Explorer has never worked. It is, at best good far a laugh, as it just does not come close to getting anything correct. It sounds as if the MFT is radically better...
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    New Ford Explorer Sport: Fuel-Efficient, High-Performance SUV

    Be careful if you have long legs and are accustomed to the previous generation Explorer. I sat in a fully loaded Sport (yes with 402A) at Tustin Ford today, after not liking the same-priced BMW X3, and the bottom seat cushion is way too short. I'm just 6' 1", but this is quite a serious flaw...
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    What is your favorite RWD Explorer replacement?

    My 1984 Pontia Sunbird turbo was still running strong, with no internal engine work, when I sold it at 160,000 miles. I did not hesitate to shift it at the red line. We've got over 61,000 miles on our Mercedes-Benz with a supercharged four, and it runs like new. Therefore, I have no basis to...