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    Help, EX is Shaking!

    I have this same problem and no one at Ford can figure it out. I thought perhaps the steering column shafts were the issue and even spraying the knuckles down did nothing.
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    5R55S OD Band - Short Question

    Are you sure it's the band that needs replacing? I lost over drive and after paying 35 bucks for a new plunger (i believe the code was solenoid B) and 45 minutes work, the tranny was running perfect.
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    High Mileage 4.6 motors. How many miles do you currently have?

    Well I'm in Canada and put my '03 V8 through quite a bit. It has 340,000 kms which is around 212,000 miles. Other than having to put in a heli-coil and the usual modular V8 tick, the engine feels great.
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    Replacing 04 4.0 Spark Plugs

    I'm not sure of the thread, but from changing them on my wifes truck, the important thing is to be patient. At times it felt like they wouldn't thread in. I even used a thread chaser on two of them where it felt like they were going in at the wrong angles. I went through the wheel wells to...
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    Transfer case rebuild??

    I had the same issue with mine sounding like the transfer case being the issue. What I found, and fixed was the rear cv joint. It was bad, and after reaplcement, the other issues stopped. Now I'm not an expert, but I had it explained to me the extra stress of the cv joint creates stress on the...
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    Spark plug suggestion

    You can use the Autolite plugs as well. I believe but may be wrong... but the autolite uses copper and platinum, where the motorcraft uses strictly platinum for the core and electrode. The price of the plugs is fair from Ford and they do the job well. I've heard people have had issues with other...
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    Replacing Fuel Filter for Overseas Petro

    I can't even pass the annual inspections here in Canada due to the parking brake. I never use it so it falls apart. It wouldn't hurt to change your filter but I wouldn't say it is necessary.
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    4x4, ABS, ADVANCTRAC help

    Hi. I know this topic has many threads but there just doesn't seem to any clear cut answer. I don't see my exact sympton so hopefully someone can help. I have a 2003 Explorer Limited. I boosted a friends car and after an hour of driving, I got the ABS and ADVANCTRAC trouble in as well as 4 hi...
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    Transmission not engaging properly

    You could look at the neutral shift cable. It is held on my a metal plate with a plastic gromet which break often.If it's not perfectly in place it causes low end shifting probelsm, or no shifts at all.
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    2003 Eddie Bauer

    A common issue many of us have had is broken wires between the body of the truck and driver's door. If you open the door, and pull back the rubber to expose the multitude of wires, you may find a 12 awg black wire broken. If so, repair it, and hopefully you will be on your way.
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    Help with spark plug issue

    I found the problem. I kept trying to read the code but did not get any codes. I decided to try it while I was on the highway and I got P0304. I pulled out the plug from cylinder 4, and i could hear a rattle inside the plug. I'm guessing the plug could have been defective from factory and once...
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    New Spark Plugs

    I would personally stick with Motorcraft. However if you go with Autolite, make sure its the double platinum, not the platinum with copper conductor.
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    Help with spark plug issue

    It ran fine for almost 2 days then started to misfire. I pulled out plug by plug and found the smaller part of the central tips burned off. I'm thinking that I may perhaps have damaged a coil on removal. I'm going to change them, and if no fix, it looks like I'll have to get it read live to...
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    Help with spark plug issue

    I had a plug blow out on me last week. It required an insert, new plug and coil. It was done at a shop and all was fine. I decided to change out all the other plugs since one went. I put in 7 new SP-493 from the dealer and all was good. Two days ago I started getting hesittation and misfiring...
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    Help! Drive shaft question

    After getting the truck back from getting new rear bearings and brakes, she has had a shaking sterring wheel above 80km/h. The wheel also feels notchy at times. I took it right back to the shop that did the work, assuming if they perhaps did something, or forgot, they would come clean. Anyways...
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    03 Limited Reverse Sensors , going off consistanly

    Every now and then, I got that if I was reversing up hill. There are either 4 or 6 sensors so one could be bad. It's not a difficult job, and there is a guy on here that gets the sensors pretty cheap.
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    Airbag light is on

    Just to correct, its the yellow connector.
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    Tech: 2004 explorer won't engage in any gear

    I know it may not be relevant, but maybe the inability to change gears is due to the neutral switch on the underside of the tranny. It will cause the same effects and on mine, it sometimes worked until I got under and adjusted it.
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    2002 Air Bag coded 42

    There are already a few topics on this one. I've been replying to them as i changed out this sensor. It is located in the center of your lower grille. It is under the long horizintal plastic trim.
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    Mac exhaust- V6

    Is the MAC exhaust larger in diameter than stock?
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    Help with airbag code

    There is no need to remove the grille. If you lay down and look up through your lower grille, you will see the sensor under the plastic trim in the center of that grille. .
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    08 engine runaway RPM while stopped

    It was in the engine bay at the throttle body. I can't use yours as a guide since I can't see it, but on the focus, both the cruise cable and accelerator cable attach to one piece of metal which operates the throttle plate. This is the same piece that you can manually operate to listen to how...
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    08 engine runaway RPM while stopped

    I had this issue with my Focus. I had cruise control, and the wire was damaged so when I would drive, the braided wire would fetch up and cause the whole throttle assembly to lock up, this having the RPM sky rocket while at a stop. I changed out my cruise wire and it was never an issue.
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    Airbag code 42 ???

    front impact sensor. located in lower grille under plastic trim.
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    Help with airbag code

    I fixed the issue quite some time ago. I bought an impact sensor from Ford (about 90Cdn.) It is located at the front of the truck in the lower grille. It is tucked up under the long plastic clip. It is held on by two bolts which are probably rusted. One of my wires was corroded quite bad so I...