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    2003 explorer spare tire assembly

    Good morning. looking for the spare holder. cable etc. what years are interchangeable?
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    03 Explorer Whine

    Well Found Drivers wheel bearing was bad! But after changing whine still there! machanic still says Could be Diff, I hate the word could be! Ford sealer here I come.
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    03 Explorer Diff Front

    What Diff do I have 355 or 373, 6 cy flex auto sticker says 45 for axle I have the small hitch. Looking for front diff assembly.
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    03 Explorer Whine

    03 Explorer 4X4 auto; 10K ago front wheel bearings, this week rear wheel bearings and hubs, ebrake pads.front lower ball joints, front pads and rotors, Now that it is quite there is a whine in front end, higher speeds less whine, My mechanic thinks it is the diff. is i turn wheel to left the...
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    2003 explorer

    Clunk sound in front when you go from drive to reverse. This is the auto 4X4 Meaning when you start to slip the 4 wheel starts. This clunk also happens when you start off on a wet surface. What do you think it is. this site is great found some great answers to problems.
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    03 Explorer

    Good Morning Last couple of days it has been raining. When I close the drivers door the door open light stay on. Where is the button for the door?Is it in the door lock? Any help?:exp: