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    Fuel Pressure 101 - Mini-Diary Fuel Pressure Regulator Test Fuel Pump Test

    I know you can get the individual parts at Actron, such as fittings, for different vehicles. I needed a ford adapter and couldnt find one until I went to Actron. ( I lost the one that came with the fuel pressure test kit)
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    PO756 and replacing solenoids

    I gave up and reinstalled the pan, as I believe that the band is broken. I am not inclined to remove trans, as I know it will be involved and I do not have the tools at this point. Here is a photo of the location: Here it is zoomed in:
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    PO756 and replacing solenoids

    Well another update I was reinstalling the transmission pan and thus cleaning it out when I found what looks like an anchor bolt for the intermediate band( no second gear on my 1996 4r55e ). No other metal parts were in the pan. I thought it was just another magnet at bottom of the pan until...
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    4r55e help

    so what did you do JImbo? I am in the same situation, and I am ordering the green epc, since I ordered a red one incorrectly . I have a 96 Explorer 4.0 with a T code, which would indicate it is a 4r55e. Did you put the red epc in?
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    PO756 and replacing solenoids

    Hello, I am writing about my 96 Explorer (4R55e trans according to T code on door) which recently started showing signs of trans problems. Basically, it doesn't shift into second when driving normally, unless I let go of the gas slightly. It seems to shift into 3th fine. Check Engine light and...
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    5R55W Solenoid Block Replacement

    Maybe this link may help you? It is a link to rebuild a valve body on a 5r55 trans.
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    Interior Lighting Diagram

    This image is from a service manual at a nearby library. The Chiltons book does not carry this diagram.
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    Interior Lighting Diagram

    Here is the wiring diagram:
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    Interior Lighting Diagram

    I do have a chiltons book, and it doesnt have a wiring diagram for interior lighting controlled by doors! I have checked the fuses, all I am looking for is someone to post the actual wiring diagram or send it to me. Thanks
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    Interior Lighting Diagram

    The interior lights work when I turn the knob, and I have sprayed the door contacts all around with no success.
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    Interior Lighting Diagram

    Could somebody post an interior wiring diagram that shows the lights and door contacts for a 1994 explorer? The lights dont turn on when I open any of the doors, maybe a relay is shot? If somebody could post this diagram, that would be great!
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    Engine light on

    Codes P0171 and 174 I too have the same problem with my 96 OHV. So far I have replaced intake gaskets and two days ago I replaced the fuel filter. I will give it a few days to see what happens, but I think that mileage has increased I will probably go with fuel regulator. It...
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    Installed Remote Start In 96 Eddie Bauer

    You can start by looking at this website. They have anything related to 12v. You can do a more detailed search. The key is to find out as much info as possible
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    Installed Remote Start In 96 Eddie Bauer

    No, the key does not need to be in ignition, and if someone where to get in to try to drive off, the brake pedal de-activates the remote start module, in addition to the steering wheel lock. When you first go inside your car, you insert your key and turn it to the run position (not crank) and...
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    Rough Idle Once in A While

    Check your fuel pressure, and specifically the fuel pressure regulator. I had a similar problem on a GM car and it was the regulator. Symptoms were only present on a warm start. Cold start no problem. I had to let the car cool down for it to turn on and idle properly.
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    P0171 + P0174 OHV Regulator or Fuel Pump?

    Look at this post, replacing the Upper Manifold Gasket on a pushrod v6
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    -Your Explorer-

    1. 96 Eddie Bauer 4.0, bought in Aug 2006 2. $2910 US 3. 96,000 4. 98,500 So far love it, I cant believe it. I just installed remote start on it.
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    Installed Remote Start In 96 Eddie Bauer

    Hello all, I installed a remote start/keyless entry on my 96 Eddie Bauer. It originally came with remote and factory alarm, but the remotes have long been gone. It was not too bad, and if anyone is interested I can share more details. I soldered all my splices (a 40 watt soldering gun from...
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    P0171 & P0174

    Look at this link. The upper intake manifold gasket gets hard and doesnt seal, until it warms up. I just replaced mine, and I had poor gas mileage and those same codes (Bank one and two lean)
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    Intake Gaskets

    There is a great writeup right here regarding the upper intake manifold gasket. I had a lean code error on left and right banks, and the engine was giving me really poor gas mileage.
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    How to replace upper intake manifold gaskets

    I was looking for my intake gaskets and realized that there are two gasket sets. 96-97 have no lower gasket? Perhaps the upper gaskets would be identical in both sets. 90733 is compatible with 96-97 4.0. Fel-Pro ms90733 Upper Manifold Gasket Set $3.99...
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    Need help - Engine Error Codes

    Ironically, I have this same code on my 96 Eddie Bauer,and I feel that this may be a good way to start, by replacing $26 gaskets, after checking for any other leaks, of course. I have cleaned my MAF. I do not have a code reader or scanner, but I did have an autozone extract these codes. My...
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    Hello to all Xplorer members

    I just wanted to introduce myself to you and this website. I have a 1996 Eddie Bauer, green and tan accents. This is my first explorer and I really like it. I have had it for 6 months. I had an accident in it, and the front left wheel was bent in. I ended up replacing the ball joint, knuckle...