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    94 JBL Problems

    The subwoofer in my '94 explorer blew the other day, and i was wondering if it is possible to put a newer years sub and amp into it? I liked the performance of the stock subwoofer, but the smallest one I can find is 8" and it's a 6.5" and I would like to keep the stock look. Any suggestions?
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    4X4 question for 94.

    The other day I went to use the 4X4 on my 1994 Explorer and while driving down the road, at about 25, the steering wheel kept moving left and right and there was a weird clunking sound, as soon as i turned the 4X4 off all the werid stuff stopped? Is it the transfer case or something else? Just...
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    Speedometer antics

    Recently the speedometer in my 1994 limited has been acting up. For about the first 10-15 minutes after starting it up the speedometer will bounce around, varying up to about 5 mph and then the cruise control will follow suit, but after a while it will stop and act normally. What could be...
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    I seem to have a werid factory radio.

    Thanks a lot again to everyone. I was planning on replacing the H.U. anyway, but my question in that is, will i be able to control my cd changer through it like i already can?
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    I seem to have a werid factory radio.

    Thanks a lot to everyone who replied. I went and took some pictures of the head unit and where the c.d. changer used to be. I took it out because the magazine for it was missing when I bought it. I hope these help. ( lost photos )
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    I seem to have a werid factory radio.

    I just recently bought a '94 Limited and while looking at the owners manual, my head unit was not in it and it did not mention the cd changer. I seem to think that this one has a factory cd changer because there are controls on the head unit. But that aside, since buying it I came to find out...