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    Control Arm Drop Brackets

    Any resolve on the arm / spring rub? I just had my RB 3/2.5 lift installed and I have the same issue of the arm rubbing the spring. Also, when I had it aligned the guy said the upper control arm is too short so the wheels are towed in at the top and the tires will ware on the inside...
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    275/70/16 Tire ?

    I'm in San Diego, we hardly get rain let alone snow :D So if I use my stock wheels I'll get a little rub with the 275/70 with -12 no rub. I can deal with a little rub because I like the wider look too. GoatMan if you could get some pix up that would be Great! Thanks, Paul
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    275/70/16 Tire ?

    I see the 265/75/16 is recommended with the RB lift. Has anyone tried 275/70/16 ? the 275/70 is a half inch shoter but a half inch wider then the 265/75. Thanks!! Paul