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    Leather interior w/ pets, how does it hold up?

    I just picked up my XLT with charcoal leather on Friday. I had the same debate and spoke to several friends who have leather and dogs and they never had a problem. They all said it was easy to clean - just took a damp cloth versus fabric which can start to smell doggy. Our dog isn't liking...
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    Can't Sync BB 9800 TORCH

    My BB 9700 won't send and receive texts but my fiances 9780 will.... Almost the same phone so a little frustrated!
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    Cargo mat for when 3rd seating isn't folded

    Hi All, I'm looking for a cargo mat to put in the trunk area behind the 3rd row seating. I don't plan on folding up the third row seating. Everything I've seen online so far looks like it's for when the 3rd row is folded up. I have looked at husky and weathertech and not seeing them, but I...
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    Should I go with FWD or wait for AWD

    I am returning my AWD Equinox and picking up my FWD X tomorrow. We also debated quite extensively about this and came up with this conclusion. Living in the Toronto area, we didn't find we used the AWD that much, and with gas prices the way they are these days, FWD will be better on gas. Forking...
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    Ambient lighting

    My XLT is suppose to arrive and I have ordered the lighting to be installed prior to pickup. I will let you know when I get it what it offers.
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    Ford Canada rates / price

    Are you financing over 72 months? Because that is the rate we were quoted for 72 months and the payment was in a better payment range. We were offered 3.99% over 60months but the payment was quite a bit higher. We were going to do72 months until we found out that bi-weekly payments were...