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    Anybody have the Explorers decked out with lights? I mean anything, rotators, flashing LED's, solid burn halogen LED or such? I've got a Federal Signal StreetHawk that I did a mod with the alley lights on to face the front instead of the sides on the Bluesmobile, now I've got better coverage. An...
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    2010 Sport Trac lift options and snorkel

    It sounds expensive af but you have peaked my curiosity and interest into looking into this
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    2010 Sport Trac lift options and snorkel

    If I have to I can attempt to fabricate one myself, which is looking that way more and more every day....
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    2010 Sport Trac lift options and snorkel

    Yeah I totaled the Ranger out and ended up with this. Any idea if there are lifts out there that are decently high but not stupidly stupid high(my girl is gonna kill me when she finds out that I'm trying to lift this thing...). Also looking for a snorkel if someone makes one. Otherwise I'm gonna...
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    KC Daylighter door brackets for an 01 ST

    I have literally searched everywhere for some door brackets to put some classic halogen KC Daylighters on and cannot find anything. Trying to keep drilling to a minimal since the only major project that required me to drill into the body was the IC56/SSM-1 antenna setup, which I knew how to do...
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    The first car

    Well....My first ever a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Black. Used to be a friend's who literally lives the street behind me and he named it and it is still named the Batmobile. As you can see a ton of work is gonna be done to is once I finish off the 930 I owe on it as I see a ton...