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    Engine misfire?

    Hi everyone! Today I was driving my ex and it started stuttering a little bit about every time I hit 45 mph. The service engine soon light started flashing. The manual says that indicates engine misfire. I put a brand new engine in it just last year. I'll take it into the shop tomorrow, but...
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    05 Explorer tire opinions

    I have Nitto Trail Grapplers on my stock rims (the larger stock rims). They fill the space pretty well and drive nicely.
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    Getting rear diff rebuilt, but told entire driveline should be rebuilt too

    My rear end gears had a whine for as long as I owned the vehicle. Eventually they started making clicking sounds at low speeds and we're making terrible vibrations. My mechanic told me to go ahead and replace the entire driveline including the rear wheel bearings. I was told I could have the...
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    Previous Owner Rage Thread

    Stupidly bought my Ex from a dealer without having it inspected. Later found that the previous owner had apparently run it for an extended period of time with too little oil in it. A new engine and $4,500 later, I learned my lesson to always get my mechanic to inspect a used car before I buy it.
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    Weak A/C and Heat

    Hi, everyone! Recently I've noticed an issue with my A/C and heat. The air is cold and hot when it is supposed to be but the vents don't blow very much air. I have to turn it up to 4 to really feel much air moving. Could there be a clog or something in the ducts? Or possibly I need a new cabin...
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    Will's 2004 Explorer

    Hi y'all! My name is Will. I joined the site about 4 years ago when I turned 16 and got my first car, a loaded 1996 Explorer XLT V8 AWD. But I've never done an Explorer registry. About a year ago I got my current Explorer, a 2004 V8 2WD XLT. It's not fully loaded but it has the only options I...
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    Body repairs on roof? Sunroof Delete.

    Since you obviously don't care about using the sunroof anymore, could you just seal it shut with some silicone caulk or another sealant?
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    How many miles on your 3RD GEN! orig. tranny????

    I have just over 148,000 miles on mine. I'm not the first owner, but as far as I know it still has the original transmission. In the past year I had to put in a brand new engine and a brand new rear differential.
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    Power Door Lock Problem

    Hi! For about the past year, the passenger door lock on my Explorer has occasionally made a different and louder noise than the rest of the doors when it is locked. It was working fine so I didn't really think anything of it. But recently it has started making the sound every time the power...
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    Post pictures of your truck with auxiliary lights

    It's a racehorse hood ornament.
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    New Brush Guard

    Bought this Hunter brush guard on eBay for around $200 and was able to install it myself in about 3 hours. I had to get 4 new bolts at my hardware store because the ones that were made for bolting onto the frame came in bent and customer service was no help. The lights are just some $40 Pilots...
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    Post pictures of your truck with auxiliary lights

    Here's mine. Just installed the brush guard and lights this weekend.
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    My first Explorer project

    I've just completed my first (small) project on my Explorer. I bought a Cobra iRadar system. It's a great radar detector that connects to a smartphone with Bluetooth to warn of known speed traps and other reported road hazards. Picked it up on eBay for $30! I also bought the hard wire kit for it...
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    Touch Screen Radio

    Does anyone know if there is a touch screen radio that will fit right into the 3rd Gen Explorer with little to no modifications to the dash? Thanks!
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    Gear Shift Lever Problem

    I have a problem with the little red needle that indicates what gear my Explorer is in. In park, the needle sits between the P and the R and for every other setting it points one place to the left (points to N while car is in D, Points to R when car is in N, etc.) There isn't anything wrong with...
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    Running board lights?

    Ok so I have a 2004 Explorer with the metal, rounded bar running boards, NOT the plastic kind that are molded to the car. I'm trying to figure out a way to stick some white LED strips to the underside of my running boards and wire them up to the puddle lights so they come on when I unlock or...
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    Bought an Explorer!

    I've put on about 5,000 miles since I had the engine installed back in February. I actually did go talk to the dealer with my stepfather and we sat down and showed the dealer all of the paperwork stating the work that needed to be done and he felt absolutely terrible! We talked it over and he...
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    My new Explorer

    Hi Everyone! I posted this in the new member forum as well but thought maybe I should post it here too. I just bought my second Explorer and I thought I should join the Explorer Forum! Sadly I had to say goodbye to my 1996 fully-loaded V8 AWD Explorer because it was seriously nickel and...
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    Bought an Explorer!

    Hi Everyone! I just bought my second Explorer and I thought I should join the Explorer Forum! Sadly I had to say goodbye to my 1996 fully-loaded V8 AWD Explorer because it was seriously nickel and diming me. I love my new truck! It's a 2004 Explorer XLT V8 2WD with 120,000 miles. It's not...