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    Alternator VS old battery

    I've got a 5-6 year old battery that may need replacing, I just want to confirm some symptoms before I replace the battery and kick myself for not replacing the alternator as well. The other night, I had the headlights, defroster (AC compressor engaged), heater blower motor running, and wipers...
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    New to Radios, Need Antenna and CB

    I think it's an older Radio Shack mount from late 70's early 80's. It came with a radio I bought on ebay some time ago. I also thought I could get two on there too. I want to see if I can get a CB and a scanner on the same mount. The radio and scanner are old and 2nd (maybe 3rd) hand and have...
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    New to Radios, Need Antenna and CB

    Try visiting This page about CBs and such. It's a community similar to explorerforum, packed with info and very helpful people. I have a Cobra 148GTL AM/SSB radio mounted on a tranny hump mount in my 94 Eddie with a trunk/hood lip mount K40 antenna on the driver's side hood. Power is from a...
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    MAF issue???? or idk

    Which harness connector was bad? I have an 94 Eddie that runs rough at idle but smooths out at speed. I tried cleaning the IAC valve and didn't help much, I'll try it again when I get time off from work, I'll replace it if I have to. She has over 196K and just did the plugs and wires, and when I...
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    Where to get MSRP for my 17 year old EX?

    Solved! Thanks for all the replies Thanks for the info, I've moved to maine and they calculate off of the MSRP, I was happy to find out that I was charged the bare minimum today for excise tax, about $80 for the year. AND I didn't have to apply for a Maine title, 1995 and newer cars need to...
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    Where to get MSRP for my 17 year old EX?

    I need to pay excise taxes where I am living and need an accurate source for an MSRP for my 194K+ 17 year old EX. I just don't want to be hosed by the tax collector. Would a Ford dealer have that? Or an on line source, like KBB, NADA, etc? Thanks! :thumbsup:
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    Solved Your Stock Auto/Manual hub info - Ranger / 91-94 X

    Minor question I swapped my autos for a set of Warn manuals and have had no issues at all, except one. I have the factory alloys and they fit fine over the hubs, BUT the steel spare tire does not!! Anyone else have the same issue? Thanks!!
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    4x4 not working

    PLUS ++++ 1,000,000 for replacing the auto hubs for manual. I learned about 4x4 on my dad's 1974 toyota land cruiser FJ40 and he had manual hubs. ALWAYS worked and never any doubt that they were engaged or disengaged. Now my '94 EX has Warns and totally eliminated the summer time clunks and...
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    03 Mounty passenger side valve cover HELP

    4.0 V6 From what I've read here, it's not something I'd want to tackle. Thanks for all that replied. If it were something easy like just replacing the cover, I'd do it, but it sounds like there's more to the issue than just a broken valve cover.
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    03 Mounty passenger side valve cover HELP

    So, my buddy's 2003 Mounty has a cracked valve cover, he said it was running rough and Check Engine Light came on, opened the hood when he got to a gas station and found that the rear corner(near the firewall) of the valve cover had a 3 inch hole in it. The engine turns over and the timing chain...
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    1st Gen Radio Installations

    My 1st Gen almost-installed CB I say almost because I didn't have to hack up dash or build a console, I run a Cobra 148GTL on a tranny hump mount with a mag mount antenna.
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    94 explorer-starting problems

    Check POS & NEG battery cables On my 94, I had to replace both POS and NEG battery harnesses 3 years ago. They were so corroded that I couldn't be jump-started. Bought a new battery, got home OK, then the next morning went to my Ford dealer and bought a complete set of cables, at the time, $120...
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    Silly question?

    94 no warning light either I found out the hard way :banghead:. I ran outa gas ONCE, won't let that happen again. My sender in the fuel tank is garbage right now, so the gas gage on the dash shows full on startup, then slowly drops to E. So I have no way of telling, besides calculating miles...
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    Fan belt tensioner BROKE!!

    Well, not really. Last week I looked under the hood for an odd noise that what coming from the fan/fan belt and lo and behold, the belt tensioner worked itself loose from its mount, but not completely, and was holding on still. WTF, I said, how did that happen?!?! Fortunately, I caught...
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    CB mic repair shop?

    Fixxed!!! I took a closer look at the mic plug and found a broken wire, re-soldered it and it works 100% now, yee haw!! I was bidding on another and lost the auction, thank goodness!! Saved myself $80+
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    CB mic repair shop?

    thanks for all the replies I am really stuck on the Astatic mic, never had a problem being heard, was matched and my CB was tuned to it's performance. I really want to get this one working again. Also, here's what I found researching mounts for a 102" whip, it's really expensive, but it's...
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    102' whip mount

    Must be a dipole, LOL
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    102' whip mount

    Going to add my 2¢s I was researching ways to mount my 102" whip and here's what I found. And what really caught my eye is this. I really want (or need) is a good mount. I currently have a 102" whip and love it's performance. I used to run one on a 1987 Blazer with a rat shack chain over the...
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    CB mic repair shop?

    Hello all! Dusted off the old CB and ran some bench tests and figured out that I have a bad mic. It is an Astatic 575-M6 power mic and was hoping that some one can suggest a ham/cb repair shop that might specialize in such a repair. It is and was a GREAT mic and is no longer made and used...
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    '93 Chevy 1500 4x4 pickup charging woes

    Thanks for the reply! We might have time to do a bench test before the storm hits, all day yesterday, the forecasters **said** that it would start snowing here by 5a, NOT!!!!! It's now 10:30 and the sun's almost out!! Well, thanks again for the reply.
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    '93 Chevy 1500 4x4 pickup charging woes

    Buddy of mine has a rather used '93 Chevy 1500 P/U with a Meyer's plow and it's got a weird charging/starting problem. It won't start in the morning sometimes, central CT can be a little chilly this time of year, so we thought that it was a crappy battery that's causing the non-start problem...
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    Broke my outter door handle, now I'm locked out.

    adding my 2¢s Locked my keys in the Ex the other day.......stupid me...and friend showed up with a slim jim. He was able to open the door, but in the process broke the plastic clip that links the key-lock cylinder to the metal rod that links to the power lock actuator. Fortunately I was able to...
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    Can you install factory fog lamps on explorer without exsisting fog lamps

    I too am curious While shade-tree wrenching lately, I noticed there are 2-wire connectors behind my bumper, one on either side, just sitting there. I'm guessing that those might be plugs for optional OEM Fogs, just like my tow harness in the rear. I was able to find a Ford OEM trailer light...
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    Weird light problem

    Mark, How aggressively did you clean the connector? I unplugged mine and hit it with contact cleaner and reconnected it and still nothing. I'll try again with a tooth pick or two. Thanks again for the tip. Greg
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    Odd series of problems

    Thanks for the replies Unfortunately, there is NO dip stick for the tranny !!!! WTF??? Have to bring it to a mechanic or dealer to check fluid level. He tried it again last night and it drove fine, weird. We'll see how it does today. Thanks again!!:thumbsup: