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  1. J

    Trailer Hitch Conversion to OEM?

    If you want to hide the hitch I would assume that would be the way to go. Next question is does the bumper cover come with the hitch access panel or is that a seperate part.....and does Ford offer a hitch after the fact that will fit in that position and are aftermarket hitches setup to go below...
  2. J

    Ventvisor/Door wind noise??

    I had the Ford factory vent visors installed after purchase of the vehicle. I now have a loud wind noise at the top of the windows, almost as if the door was not shut tight. The door is in fact shut tight and the door seals are not the issue. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone else...
  3. J

    Bike Racks, Roof and Hitch mounts

    I've got a Allen Deluxe 4 bike hitch rack. Its the 2" receiver version and works excellent. There is a bolt that goes through the rack/hitch receiver to secure it instead of a normal pin. This is inconvenient because I had a locking hitch pin to make sure it would not be stolen. I have heard of...
  4. J

    Strange Noise - Thud Sound

    I have the thud also. Limited time only after start up...I'll have to monitor the screen to pin point if its the 4wd.
  5. J

    Husky / Weathertech mats - Group Buy

    Ordered mine on Monday will be here by the end of the week. Very simple and great price! Thanks!!!!
  6. J

    sync Destinations Iphone App

    What is the name of the app? I found it in the android market but unable to find it in the apple app store. Thanks in advance.