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    No 2nd Gear, No Overdrive, Code P1762

    Finally fixed this!! I bought another trans off Craigslist. It was supposedly from a wreck and still in good shape. The internals looked really good so I ended up installing the valve body and the converter from that trans into my trans. The CL unit was a 4x4 trans and didn't have the OSS sensor...
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    5R55E external sensors

    Could be that the forward clutch is cooked. Lots of miles on the trans?
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    No 2nd Gear, No Overdrive, Code P1762

    Still working on this. I wouldn't wish it on my enemies, lol. I pulled the trans today and got it apart enough to air check the servos again and check the servo pins bores. Both seem OK. So I'm leaning toward trying a rebuilt VB with the Sonnax upgrades.
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    How to: 5R55E Valve Body Rebuild Diary

    Many drawings are available. Did you get this problem resolved?
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    Valve Body Rebuild this Weekend 5r55e

    Update on this? Is it still running well? I'm in a bit of the same boat and about to try a third valvebody. It'll be one from Central Valvebody though.
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    No 2nd Gear, No Overdrive, Code P1762

    So I've gone through the VB again and didn't find any mistakes. Put it all back together and it's still the same. So at least my work is consistent ;-) I've done a couple of searches for "1762" and it seems to be extremely common. What isn't common is folks posting an actual resolution. I...
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    No 2nd Gear, No Overdrive, Code P1762

    Gonna also check this again for sure. Sonnax has a picture of how it should be and it would be easy to get that one wrong. Also the long plug behind the SS2 solenoid would be easy to install too shallow.
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    No 2nd Gear, No Overdrive, Code P1762

    Wanted to also add that I've replaced the bands and the servo pistons. I've air checked all the clutches and when you put it in 1, it does have engine braking. I air checked the overdrive servo with the VB out and it does move.
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    No 2nd Gear, No Overdrive, Code P1762

    Well, I've tried another valvebody with all different solenoids, and I've also gone through the trans again. As of today the trans is back in and there's a little improvement but still essentially has the same problems. There's nothing when you put it in drive and when on the road there's no...
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    No 2nd Gear, No Overdrive, Code P1762

    Thanks for the tips. I'm finally back working on this. I have the trans out and am air testing the servos. The intermediate servo seems to move well without much air leakage. However the front servo seems to leak a bit more. The servo moves when I put air to the apply hole, but I seem to get...
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    No 2nd Gear, No Overdrive, Code P1762

    Just completed a rebuild of the 5R55E trans in my '98 Explorer. It's essentially stock plus Alto frictions and a Transgo shift kit. The rebuild was done because the forward clutch had been slipping badly. Turns out the brass sealing rings had worn out and the pressure loss smoked the frictions...
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    endplay adjust 4r70w/aode help

    I'm curious about this too. Did you ever resolve this issue? Is the trans still in service? Thanks.
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    Replacing Metal Sealing Rings 4R70W

    Any tips for replacing the metal rings on the stator support? I can't quite get them to latch using my thumbs. I don't want to grab them with needle nose pliers and ruin them (no need to ask how I know).
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    burning oil, maybe?

    Saw this in a search. I have the same thing in cyl. #6. All other plugs look great. Could the oil be coming in through a leak in the intake gasket? Do these engines typically start to wear out one guide before the others go? I would have expected the guides to generally wear out together. My...