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  1. O

    My photos/schematics/diagrams still available.

    Many thanks for the info Orlando
  2. O

    My photos/schematics/diagrams still available.

    My ST (2004 4.0L 4wd xlt) is stalling and giving code PO193. What are the trouble shooting step? Thanks in advance
  3. O

    explorer 4x4 front wheel hub

    Hi there, Does anyone know if the ford explorer suv 4x4 year 2002-2005 front wheel hub assembly will fit into a ford sport trac 4x4 year 2004?
  4. O

    front wheel bearing

    It's a 4x4. Many thanks for the info. I also noticed the step by step do it yourself procedure. I hope I can find the hub locally (in Suriname)
  5. O

    front wheel bearing

    Hi, I just want to know if you have to replace the whole front wheel hub assembly or is it possible to replace the bearing only? Thanks, Orlando
  6. O

    new member

    Hello everyone, Just want to say hi. I'm Orlando from Suriname. I have a 2004 Sport trac. What a great forum this is..