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    What did YOU do to your Explorer today?

    It wouldn't be the first time, but not this time. The flow on my ’93 goes from the radiator cooler to the drivers side fitting on aux cooler and out of the passenger side fitting back to the tranny. I put the filter on the inlet to the aux cooler because it was a straight run and I didn’t have...
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    What did YOU do to your Explorer today?

    Changed my transmission fluid and put a magnefine inline filter on.
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    Magnefine location?

    I may be a little late to the party on this for the OP, but here's where I put my inline filter: I had to take the grill off to put it next to the aux cooler but that's only two screws and two clips. The way I have it - it's downstream of the radiator cooler and upstream of the aux cooler...
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    Pic Request- Your Explorer Towing

    Moving my camper around the yard
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    1994 70K Miles, but need to fix

    My fuel gauge hasn't worked in years. I think the problem is that the float leaks and quits floating. I reset the trip meter every time that I fill up and go to the gas station every 250 miles or so. There's a lot of good info in the stickies. I'd change all the fluids and filters, check the...
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    Power Window Bushing Replacement

    Thanks for the link! I got 4 sets for $8.21 and I didn't even have to leave the house.
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    $60 cat back exhaust

    I didn't re-Search this, but I think I remember that the 91-92 had 2.25" pipes and 93-94 went to 2". The new exhaust I got is 2.25" and will be compatible with a '93. I'm not as concerned about the sound as I am not getting CO and heat build up under my truck from a holey old exhaust. It's not...
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    $60 cat back exhaust

    Thanks to the Explorer Forum, I got a deal on a new exhaust. After doing a few searches and following the recommendations of some of the members, I logged onto Summit Racing and picked up a Dynomax exhaust system for $135.90 (shipping included). With the $75 rebate from Dynomax, total out of...
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    Rusto paint goin on 92!

    here's a link to a rustoleum how-to:
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    power steering fluid leak

    It'll make it a lot easier to spot the leak if you clean/degrease the area first, refill the ps reservoir and check again. Once oil starts leaking out, it can migrate all over the place making it harder to pinpoint the source.
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    Fake Statue of Liberty stamp

    What caught my eye was the story was front page, top on the UK Telegraph. The British thought that the Vegas Liberty stamp worth reporting on and they weren’t big fans of our original Tea Party. The poem on the (real) Statue of Liberty is worth reading.
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    Fake Statue of Liberty stamp

    OK, I'm all in for the stamps with Vegas strippers.
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    Fake Statue of Liberty stamp

    So what do you think of the new stamp that the post office is offering? I would prefer that my American history be portrayed accurately, despite the blemishes...
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    Leave well enough alone.......demise of an air flow sensor

    I got my '93 from my Dad in '04 and I had flushed the cooling system a few years prior to that because his coolant looked like Chattahoochie River water. When I got it in '04, it was dirty again and the temp gauge was staying on cold. I replaced the thermostat with an OEM unit, and a few years...
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    Transmission fluid change question

    60K would probably be OK, but I'd do it now. I changed mine at 54K the first time and there was a lot of clutch dust on the bottom of the pan and magnet. I've dropped the pan and changed the filter twice since and added an inline tranny filter after the aux cooler. Now I'm set up to just...
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    AC Heater Hose Mod option?

    I cut the heater hoses about 6" from the heater core and added some 5/8 hose barbs. In May, I bypass the heater core, in October, I reconnect it. I didn't do the hoses right at the heater core because it's harder to dis and re-connect that way. I plug the open hose ends to the heater core to...
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    Tranny Fluid Change

    I vote for the pan drop and filter change first, fluid exchange through the cooler lines after that, maybe an inline filter added while you have the lines disconnected. Flushing the system (especially a back flush) through a dirty filter and pan doesn't seem like the best approach to me.
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    My 94 explorer is only getting 11-12 mpg (city)

    Check this post out about the Vacuum Line on 1st Gen Fuel Pressure Regulator
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    is putting a quart of tranny fluid in my oil recommended by you guys to clean it out?

    I've read about adding Marvel Mystery Oil at 1 quart/oil change. I would be looking for the cause of the oil usage and fix that before switching to synthetic. You're using/adding 5 qts. of oil per 3000 miles; a lot of people add bypass filtration to extend their oil change intervals. I don't...
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    wrong transmission fluid

    I use the Havoline MD3 that I get at Sam's for $27 a case. Then I do a cooler line flush every 20-30K miles. Used to drop the pan and change the filter, now I have a magnafine inline. Toss in a bottle of Lubegard red and I have one smooth tranny.
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    changed diff fluids - is this normal?

    Was your differential cold when you dropped the cover? Maybe the trash precipitated out. I did my '93 at about 83K and I did it after it was warmed up. My fill plug was just like yours but the fluid was a thick, gray mess. I put cheap gear oil in it and changed it again at 100K. The second...
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    Remote Transmission Filter

    Here's a link with pictures and part numbers:
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    Remote Transmission Filter

    I added a magnafine filter on the auxiliary cooler line after I had dropped the tranny pan and changed the filter and fluid. I didn't use the remote filter to clean up the system, but to keep it clean after the system was serviced.
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    missing oil?

    Excessive blow-by being sucked into your air intake via pcv and burned giving you the white smoke out the tailpipe possibly. Are your sparkplugs fouled? Adding 4 quarts of oil meant that you were driving around with only 1 quart in the engine, or you just overfilled it. Overfilling will make...