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    For Sale Parting out – 1996 Ford Explorer 5.0 4x4

    Seats look good I will take them. You ever make it out towards Ontario airport? Thanks, Nathan
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    Door ajar light on

    If you have a scanner with data logging or know someone with one it will tell you the one that is showing open. Also like decvd2 did you can open eaxh door and manually close the latches and push them just a bit further manually to try and find the culprit. Good luck, Nate
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    help please Just posted this yesterday
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    help please

    Check for voltage at the back of the alternator if it's good check you ground where it bolts to the engine.
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    low charging, battery dies, changed alternator same problem

    Just wanted to post this up in case it can help someone. My 98 v8 was cranking slow, battery not charging, and the charge gauge was fluctuating. I grabbed an alternator off one of my other v8's and installed it. the charging was good and all was well. Two weeks later it starts doing it again but...
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    how bad have you been ??

    175 in a 65
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    1998 explorer battery dead everyday

    What do you mean by dead? Is it not starting but the lights and everythng else works? If that is the issue check your cables and batt grounds. Nate
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    steering shake after repalcing brakes

    when re packing you need to make sure you spin the wheel while tightning the bearing they can feel tight but once they spin or get weight on them they will losen up probably not a bad thing to re check. can be done with wheel on just remove center caps and bearing caps. Good luck! Nate
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    steering shake after repalcing brakes

    check wheel bearings and lugs jack it up and wiggle the tires. If everything is tight did you rotate the tires when you did brakes? If you did try rotating them back. Nate
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    Aluminum heads with stock intake 96 5.0

    Cool thank you for the response. Nate
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    Coolant & Thermostat help

    the sohc engine has a plastic t stat housing that will leak also be sure to check that a swll
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    Timing cover seized on broken bolt.. Heat ok to use?

    I have delt with this before I would give it a little bit of prying on the opposite side of the cover from the bolt to lift the cover then work a small flat blade screwdriver along the timing chain cover prying as you go the trick is to apply pressure on both sides of the broken bolt not just...
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    Coolant & Thermostat help

    If it is leaking on the sde of the engine then no I would not think it is the t-stat. I it was leaking from the front or back of the motor than possibly. if it is from the pass side check the heater bypass valve that is in the heater hoses. check freeze plugs. and check the ac drain to see if...
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    Engine Bubbling?

    Does it sound like it is coming from behind the dash? If it does it could be air in the cooling system pushing through the heater core.
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    Aluminum heads with stock intake 96 5.0

    I searched and found a couple of mentions of aluminum heads on the explorers but no real descriptions. Are the aftermarket aluminum heads a direct bolt on to the explorer 5.0? will the intake still fit? Is any one running aluminum heads any input would be greatly appricated. I am going to do a...
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    Serpentine belt, want to get rid of PS and AC

    Doorman makes an ac idler pulley to bypass the compressor and allow you to keep the stock belt since the ps pump is on the same loop of the belt you can probably just get a shorter belt. If in your case their is no belt that will fit you can get one that is a bit larger and just change an idler...
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    Foxracin's 1991 Exploder

    Awsome stuff mang! really like the rig!!! Nate
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    Best Trail Report Ever!!!

    Just read up to page 54 awsome!! good read but you get lost in it. The author is verry good at holding you between post and verry good at setting the mood and tempo in his words. That is something considering english is his third language. Nate
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    Still Waiting

    Mabey it has something to do with japan i know some car makers had to lay peole off due to lack of parts from japan.
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    Modifying the Power Steering Pump

    At this time I do not know of any It would not be too difficult to modify a press on pulley to work just need to make sure it is on center. Nate
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    Foxracin's 1991 Exploder

    Pictures vids?? i cant take the suspense
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    Modifying the Power Steering Pump

    What I think I may do is use the external regulator and run the largest pulley possible on the ps pump so I can slow the pump down for less power loss through the pump but use the regulator to boost the pressure. BTW do you know how low the rpm's of the pump can go before the vanes will stall...
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    Modifying the Power Steering Pump

    Iz that is absolutly correct about the cavatation but ulimetly the max pressure you can achive will be limited by the bypass valve. I really like this setup alot nice work and thank you for working the bugs out for me. :thumbsup: Nate
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    Modifying the Power Steering Pump

    Seing as how the pressure is ultimetly controlled by the relief valve it would not cause a pressure drop it would just increase the strain/hp draw on the motor kind of like the reverse effect of an underdrive pulley unless the smaller pulley was slipping. It would just cause the pump to spin 20%...
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    Mojave Road and Death Valley, March 2011

    That looks like an awsome trip some day I will be able to do it. They fixed the ladder in the lava tube. Last time I was their the ladder was almost toast. same time O got stuck on one of the cinder cones. :rolleyes: Nate