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    Class III Trailer Assembly replacement

    02-05, would be a good upgrade to a 2" receiver if you don't have. If towing, the V6 is limited on weight especially with 3.55 gearing. V8 with 3.73 had highest towing capacity. Even if not towing, the 2" receiver has a larger number of accessories you can use without a stupid adapter...
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    02 4.6 Fuel filter

    Forogt to mention, I had an early 02 come in that had regular clips the are u shaped that you pry off and pull line. That had 3 ports. The later builds had one inlet one outlet and a red clip that unfolds and hinges on one side and then slides out. Then you can disconnect with tool. Be careful...
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    02 4.6 Fuel filter

    14 years ago, I hope they figured it out by now. The Lisle plastic disconnect set works on every Gen3 I have worked on. Have to push using pliers, works every time.
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    Leaking PS line at rack. Replacing Everything

    Detroit axle is absolute garbage. Wouldn't use even if they paid me money.
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    Windshield size

    No. Wiper size only affected swept area.
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    Re : spare tire holder?

    Not sure I follow. The spare tire does not have to br moved to drop the rear differential.
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    Does this sound like a wheel bearing going out?

    Early gen 3 had different tie rods for rear and therefore different knuckles. Is this the arm you are referring to? Controls mainly toe for knuckle, attaches from rear most point low on knuckle to behind differential at frame?
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    Does this sound like a wheel bearing going out?

    Moog makes a knuckle with a new bearing, hub, snap ring all assembled and ready to go. No press required, no fumbling with snap ring, no dealing with brake shield. Hardest part is removing the pinch bolt and seperating upper control arm from knuckle and tie rod from knuckle. I am not a fan of...
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    Ford Explorer 2003 XLT rear tailgate glass

    If you can't find a replacement or don't want to buy a new one and have shipped, why not find a lexan supplier and have a sheet cut? You could even take a rectangular piece and use a router to make the edges the right dimensions. If you really wanted to still use the window would need to make...
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    Service RSC Now Wrench Light

    Did you inspect the tone rings on rear cv shafts? The 4th gen seems more problematic with corrosion causing the ring to come loose. Check those very closely, wiggle to see if loose.
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    Quick question on how our transfer case works

    Correct, 4high and 4low both lockup the electromagnetic clutch using 100% duty cycle. This means as long as you don't overcome the clutch plate holding capacity, 50% of torque goes to rear driveshaft and 50% to front driveshaft. From there however, with equal traction, the two fronts would see...
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    AdvanceTrac Off-Road/Snow Questions & Discussion

    I also forgot to mention, Advancetrac also has a disable speed limitation that typcially gets people stuck in sticky mud. Yes you can disable traction control completely by holding, not pressing, the button behind the frt cupholders. Most people just click the button which will not deactivate...
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    AdvanceTrac Off-Road/Snow Questions & Discussion

    So the biggest difference between the two is the gen 3 independent rear suspension. While the amount of independent wheel height difference is not terrible for IRS, it is far less than a live axle setup leading to the conclusion the 4wd is not as good on the 3rd gen. With wheels leaving the...
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    Quick question on how our transfer case works

    It functions no different than a traditional 4wd system power split unless you add a traction device. If you have open front diff and open rear, your power split become 50/50 front and rear in High and Low range. The only times it would not function the same would be if you make the clutch in...
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    AdvanceTrac Off-Road/Snow Questions & Discussion

    What questions do you want answers to? I can give you enough to bore even the most interested person. System operation, module operation, capability comparison 2nd vs 3rd gen, all the way down to details such as why the rear knuckles and cv shafts are different between Advancetrac and regular...
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    Front Lower Control Arms

    Aviator had aluminum front lower control arms. Explorer of same years had stamped steel lower control arms.
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    Sunroof Drain HELP!

    For leaking sunroofs I have used a large sheet of outdoor vinyl or clear bra bigger than the glass. Easy and quick.
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    Converting Aviator to A4WD?

    TOD works via PWM of electromag clutch on input shaft of trans case. 4x4 High is attained via 100% duty cycle to clutch. The shift motor only function is range select to move shift fork in and out of low range. The clutch sees 100% duty cycle in low range as well. 02-03 model years used a...
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    Motorcraft Rear Caliper

    One is electroplated, one was bare steel. Variouse remanufacturers use corrosion resistance techniques ranging from paint, to powdercoat, to e coating. If you can find a non reman from Motorcraft great! Otherwise Motorcraft reman would be my choices. Don't forget copper washers!
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    What part is this

    You may have a leak from that rack seal. There is not supposed to be wetness unless someone got eager with grease.
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    What part is this

    Honestly you would have to measure it, Ford specs don't allude to part number. Mcmaster Carr carries them as well as multiple other vendors. If I recall Ford wanted $17 I purchased for $5 a while back. Base Ford number is 3C650 but you need prefix and suffix to order. The only things that...
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    What part is this

    That should be a contant tension spring clamp on the power steering bellows where the inner tie rod goes through. There is a small smooth step groove that helps hold the end of the boot and clamp at one spot. The other end is clamped from the factory using an Oetiker brand stepless ear clamp...
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    Mustang V8 swap and 6-speed swap

    US Shift makes a controller you can use to mate a 6r80 from an F150 or 10r 10 speed to a modular. It is $$$ but I have heard good things. You can then run the 6speed auto behind the 2V. I have more experience with PCS trans controllers. changing to a mustang 4.6 would have a different crank...