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    Here is one suggestion: That is the single unit with the return going to the oil fill cap adapter. If it were mine I would mount against the frame rail. Here are some examples:
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    Actually if you are in a cold climate time would have a greater detrimental value than mileage as the moisture buildup will take more toll on the alkalinity of the oil. Some people see the white foam on the underside of the oil fill cap. Get a by-pass filter and forget about it. Our bypass...
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    Amsoil Industrial Oils

    Hello!! I will be having another AMSOIL give away contest this month but first I just wanted to post something about our undustrial line in the of-topic area. As a dealer I write a newsletter or two each month to help my dealers with their AMSOIL business as well as commercial account...
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    Overheated Transmission ?

    Naturally I will suggest trying AMSOIL Synthetic ATF. It will keep your fluid temperatures down 20 to 60 degrees F and not only will it keep the clutches clean but will last 3 times longer. A 2.5 gallon bottle normally sells for $74.25 but I will sell this one for $65 if you want to give it a...
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    SEA FOAM!!!

    Yes, The power foam is very similar but one can is enough for two treatments. Or sometimes I use the last 1/4 of the can to clean the exterrior of the engine. It's labeled for this purpose too. How the AMSOIL Power Foam works, is it's a aerosol. You can just insert the tube in the same vacuum...
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    Amsoil's Full synthetic, long interval OIL

    Ford requires 75W140 because they get $26 per quart! that's why. But if you are hauling heavy loads I would continue to use it. Not all the rear ends say to use the 140 in the rear though. The AMSOIL 75W140 is only $11.00 per quart or less for Preferred customers.
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    Amsoil's Full synthetic, long interval OIL

    Thanks. I suggest our ATF for the Trans and transfer case. We have several sizes. The 2.5 gal is popular for automatics. Just let me know. For the engine I suggest the 0W30 and the engine flush if you are not running synthetic now. The 5W30 is great too and costs a bit less. One of my...
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    Mercon V or Mercon 3?

    AMSOIL ATF meets Mercon and Mercon V. Lowers temperatures 20 to 60 degrees F and is guaranteed for three times longer. If you change out at 30,000 you can run this to 90,000. Since it prevents carbon buildup it also keeps older units clean and removes sludge on the friction bands. We have a...
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    Amsoil's Full synthetic, long interval OIL

    Yes, the whole point to AMSOIL is they have been improving the products for 30 years now. They guarantee that the oil will hold to its minimum viscosity per the drain interval. I have seen oil analysis on other synthetics near 10,000 miles and they bacame 20WT oils. Being the sponsor and...
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    changeing engine oil

    This may help you decide. I have included a synthetic lubricant properties section on my website. Check it out. It will be expanded a bit later.. Ches
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    Re: Chez No problem at all. Usually I see them around a 22 which brings suspicion to a bad air filter. No, that looks fine to me. Now if you didn't maintain that filer you will see that value increase.
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    Hey William, Hi, This is Ches, the Amsoil Dealer. I would not worry about the viscosity unless you get to a 16. Since you change the full flow filters out more rapidly, I would not change the bypass until 25,000 or once a year. It is designed to hold a significant amount of contaminants...
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    Amsoil By-Pass filter install photos

    At the main Amsoil site there are a number of ford By-pass installs plus others to get some good ideas. The By-Pass filter is a excellent way to preserve your engine as these units virtually stop all wear. Choose between the BMK-11 or BMK-13 kits. The 13 uses a adapter where your filter...
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    Amsoil testimonials, air filters and update

    Hello! I wanted to announce AMSOIL is introducing all new materials for their performance air-filter line. I have a detailed flyer I can send out regarding this but for more info please read this on my site: Filter update These are being produced now. The older style as pictures on my site...
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    Winners of AMSOIL P. Customer club

    Thank you for your entries to my contest. I was giving away two $20 one year memberships for AMSOIL Preferred Customers. the winners below will receive a packet full of materials on the product selection and a great monthly magazine regarding AMSOIL use in the industry, new products, AMSOIL...
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    Amsoil 30th Anniversary product news

    This belongs to the owner of the Snowcross Team:
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    The Synthetic Warehouse Amsoil Preferred Customer giveaway!

    As Amsoil continues to race into the future and being in the spirit of their 30th Anniversary (see the article I posted in this area earlier), I am giving away two free Preferred Customer Accounts this week on Wednesday the 30th. Normally costing $20 annually, The Preferred Customer is...
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    Amsoil 30th Anniversary product news

    Hello! I have just returned from the AMSOIL 30th Anniversary convention in Duluth/Superrior and made up a page with a few of the new points worth reading. Having the opportunity to visit the plant, meet the founder and his immediate staff, chemists, vendors such as Ethyl, Lubrizol and...
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    anyone have a Yamaha Waverunner?

    I hate to sound like I'm just trying to sell you something, but our AMSOIL (Explorer Sponsor) TCR Series 2000 racing 2-cycle (TCW3) is very popular. It retains 17% more torque during high temperature operation. I get a lot of comments over Yamalube and Bel Ray. It's what Mike Larocco uses...
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    Tip of the day on oil additives that you need to know

    Re: oil additives No. Engine Flushes have a specific duty of removing carbon deposits left from more volitle engine oils so you don't contaminate the new oil and filter as synthetics have better detergents... Ches
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    Tip of the day on oil additives that you need to know

    I wish you all received Lubes 'N' Greases Magazine. They just did a multi page article about the subject of oil additives. (you can order the magazine fro free) If any wants copies, I can send you one with a Amsoil catalog. My customers get the same results is their engines just by using Amsoil...
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    The Synthetic Warehouse pricing

    Hello! I am the AMSOIL sponsor for this forum. I just wanted to say thank you for all your orders and catalog requests over the year and as I am increasing my direct order prices, I will keep the prices I sell to explorer forum members the same. If you should order or ask for a catalog be...
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    AMSOIL By-Pass filter Giveaway

    If you need to order anything I have made a simple one page price sheet with Sththetic Warehouse Prices for Explorer Forum members only. Just drom me a email off my site for it with your address.. And you should have a report soon from the winner of the by-pass filter regarding installation...
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    AMSOIL By-Pass filter Giveaway

    I have been getting a lot of questions regarding, "Is it safe to use AMSOIL for 10,000 miles?" and other related questions. Basically AMSOIL is guaranteed for the intervals as stated on the data sheets and bottles because it's designed to remain it's viscosity for that service life. Also...
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    AMSOIL By-Pass filter Giveaway

    And the winners are!! 1st Place - Won the Bypass BMK-13 kit: Patrick Martin of Everett, WA Congratulations! Your going to love this! 2nd Place - Tony D'Amato 2 gallons of AMSOIL 5W30 - Improves mileage and guaranteed for 25,000 miles/1-year 3rd Place - Jamaal Sinkler (Denver,CO) 2...