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    The dreaded P0301 code and how it almost defeated me....

    So I thought I'd share my recent experience with my 1997 5.0 Explorer. About 3 months ago I pulled into a parking lot, turned off the ex, came back out 5 minutes later and started it. It started missing and stumbling really badly. So I ran the codes and found I had a P0301 (Cylinder 1...
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    Parting out 97 Mountaineer 5.0 AWD with Gray leather interior

    Im looking for a Washer bottle pump (the pump that attaches directly to the front washer bottle) and the turn/light/washer control (attached to the steering column). Do you have either or both? How much shipped to 80203? Thank you! CHAD
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    Ground wire

    Hello! I was under the hood of my 97 5.0 Explorer yesterday cleaning up and I noticed a ground strap that wasn't connected. It runs from the inside lip of the passenger fender up by the firewall to ????? (the other side isnt connected). Where does the other end of this strap clip to? The...
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    Add-A-Leaf suggestions?

    Hey guys! So I was looking into add-a-leaf's and there are a few companies out there that make them. Who has had experience and what would you suggest to purchase? Thanks for the help! CHAD BRATT
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    Greetings from Breckenridge, CO

    Hey everyone! My name is Chad, ive been on the Forum for a while but rarely post. I have a 98 XLT 4.0 OHV that Ive had for about 6+ years now. Great vehicle! Ive had a lot of vehicles and this by far is the most functional and (knock on wood) has never truly let me down. Its fairly stock...
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    Push Rods, and general performance mods

    So I am having troubles finding Push Rods for my 1998 explorer. Anyone here know where I can find stock length for the 4.0 OHV? Recommendations and experiences? Also I would like to get some more power out of 4.0 other than the obvious exhaust and CAI mods, what else is available? Does...