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    Another seat question

    I had a seat that the lever seemed not to work but it turned out to be one of the pivot bolts had broken. Turns out there is a recall on seats for the bolt failing. Took it into the local dealership to get it fixed for free. They hadn’t seen a first gen sport trac in years. Check for recalls...
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    Different question about seat foam swap

    I have some seat foam to rework too with that issue. I purchased some heavy canvas that I plan to cover the underside of the foam with (cut it to size and attach it with adhesive spray). I haven’t done it yet but I think that should help distribute the load over the foam and ant the same time...
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    Change Rear Timing Chain?

    I ended up buying the Ford parts for the right bank since they’re a pain to get to. I’ll probably for the same for the rest of them too.
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    Starts with starter fluid only

    If you throw a scanner on it, what does it say that the engine coolant temperature is before cold start (key on, engine off)?
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    Change Rear Timing Chain?

    Transmission is off for some service (clutch, rear main, oil pan gaskets, etc.) and am taking a look at the rear timing chain while I have everything open. Observations… 1. Never had a startup rattle 2. Hot restart has a bit of rattle sometimes but goes away as soon as pressure builds...
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    Torsen Front Diff Available Again

    Just got a call from Torsen today. Their Dana 35 SLA Limited Slip differentials are available for our trucks again. Should be up on their website soon.
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    Skinny 33" Tires: 255/85R16

    I run 7.50R16 KM3s. They are pretty close to a 235/85R16. And they seem to be quite a bit cheaper than the 255/85R16s. I couldn’t justify the bump in price for the extra bit of an inch. Never had any rubbing in the front. Only rubbing I’ve had is in the rear with the splash guards in a cross...
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    Code/Scan Raders

    Get a cheap Elm327 reader from Amazon and pair it with a phone app. I run it with the EngineLink app on my iPhone. That app includes the extra Ford specific info with it. I think I’m in $30 for the scanner and the app.
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    Body mounts

    I did the poly ones because they were cheaper. I’ve been pretty happy with them. The stock front and rear mounts are rubber, so check, they may be good. It’s the middle ones that go to nothing. All my hardware was good and I beat on them pretty hard. They had no rust though. I know it’s nerve...
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    Intake Manifold and Throttle Body on My Explorer

    Throttle body on a 4.0L Mustang is motorized/electronic, Sport Trac is cable actuated, so the Mustang won’t drop in. Replacements can be found on RockAuto. Don’t know anything about throttle “upgrade” options.
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    Rattling in front of engine

    I think you can change the front timing components without removing the engine.
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    Does the intake leak oil???

    No oil should come from the intake manifold. Three different options come to mind for a passenger side oil leak from the upper passenger side area of the engine... (I’m assuming you know it’s not oil pan upper/lower or rear main) 1. Oil filter adaptor has some o-rings that can go bad 2. I’ve...
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    Bulletproof 4.0L SOHC?

    Thanks for everyone’s input. Hopefully with all this newfound time at home here in Washington I’ll get into the last bits of this soon. Quick question on tensioners,when I have things opened up, is there any way to tell if the guides/tensioners are the original or updated version? Also, if it...
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    2001 sport trac drivers seat

    Don’t Ranger seats fit too? They swap in Explorer seats all the time.
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    Bulletproof 4.0L SOHC?

    Any recommendation on radiator? It’s a manual transmission truck. I should probably list what I’ve already replaced too... - Thermostat housing (one piece aluminum), thermostat and all seals, including coolant temp sensors - All coolant hoses - Water pump - Radiator cap - Full coolant flush...
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    Bulletproof 4.0L SOHC?

    Thanks for the input. I’ll be dropping the transmission soon to take care of a few things (clutch job, trans seals, rear main, oil pan gaskets), and I’ll check out the rear timing chain too. Don’t know if it’s ever been changed, but it’s never really made any noise. I’ll look into a pre-oiler...
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    Bulletproof 4.0L SOHC?

    I have a 2002 ST (built in 4/2002) that I’m building for backcountry travel, and I want to make the motor as solid and long lasting as it can be (within reason). 140k on the clock now. Shooting for 300k. Already on my radar... - Manual timing tensioners - Aluminum Thermostat housing (done) -...
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    4.0 SOHC Metal Thermostat Housing Comparison

    Original OEM housing in my ‘02 ST had multiple leaks in it so I installed the Simmons one piece aluminum housing earlier this year. Looked like a real quality piece when I inspected it before I install and it has worked like a champ so far. Glad I went with it.
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    Where is the fuel tank pressure sensor?

    I probably will if the code comes back, but at this point I don’t think the sensor is bad. It’s just been unplugged since I bought it. Unplugged sensor = P0453
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    Where is the fuel tank pressure sensor?

    Never mind. I went out and looked for it again with fresh eyes and found it. It’s not on the fuel tank like the earlier models. It’s mounted between the tank and the canister inline with an emissions hose. Looks like the previous owner forgot to hook it back up after dropping the tank to...
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    Where is the fuel tank pressure sensor?

    Does anyone know where the fuel tank pressure sensor is located on a 2002 Sport Trac (plastic gas tank). Is it incorporated into the fuel sending unit or an evaporate canister line or something? I have a P0453 code (Evaporative Emissions Control System Pressure Sensor High Input) that I’m...
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    “Cheap” BFG KM3s!

    I just scored a nice deal on a set of 5 BFG KM3s that someone may be interested in. 4WheelParts has them in a 7.50R16 size at a discount price (~$175, plus $25 off per tire, plus they pay tax) that I was able to get discount tire to price match at 5 for $875 out the door, with the $70 mfg...
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    Metal Radiator Fan Options?

    Thanks for the feedback. For the dimensional info I was seeing on RockAuto, it looked like I would have to use both the fan and the fan clutch from the 5.0L for it to have a chance of working (5.0L fan bolt pattern is different than the 4.0L SOHC). In the end, I just ordered a replacement...
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    Manual Transmission in 4x4 Sport Trac

    As to how rare a 4x4 ST is with a manual transmission, they were only available from 2001-2003. IIRC only 10% of Sport Tracks produced in those years had manual transmissions.
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    Metal Radiator Fan Options?

    Was in the process of replacing my water pump this weekend on my ‘02 ST and noticed that my radiator fan had a ton of cracks in it. I’ve read up on how this is normal for these, but I’d like the extra insurance of a non cracked blade when I’m out in the woods. I could get another plastic fan...