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    How close have you been to running out of gas?

    i was on E and already drove for at least 20 miles on E and when i got to a pump after waiting for one i put my truck into drive and literally 5 feet away from the pump my truck dies completely stalls i keep starting and trying to get closer no luck it was so embarrassing i had to get a little...
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    new to site,have no clue what rims to get

    my dad bought a 08 explorer limited and he has the same rims as that mountaineer but it has the ford center cap they are 20" with pirelli tires
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    Creative ignition system

    you could some how hard wire a remote start module with a button on it instead of having a key fob i think it would be able to be done i am very interested i might do this myself
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    Brake Pulsing

    i had the same problem it was my abs sensor which is unfortunatly in the wheel hub assembly the sensor is the expensive part not the wheel bearing but it is sold as a wheel bearing assembly so i would replace that. a good way to find out which wheel it is unplug the sensor wire it runs up the...
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    Question before I spend 900 bucks...

    on they have all terrains with a $200 rebate right now
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    Question before I spend 900 bucks...

    900 bucks you should buy bfgoodrich all terrains and have some change left over or goodyear has the new duratrac and i think for a set of those they are around 600 and change i have been looking for new tires aswell.
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    Question before I spend 900 bucks...

    i have 265/70r16 and they fit
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    anyone have those black headlights?

    those black lights are good just to be on the safe side i would seal all the seams with a clear silicone because most time aftermarket lights leak or condensation gets in them
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    NewExhaust system

    I have a aero turbine 25 series it sounds great kinda loud sometimes but overall very impressed
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    Toyo open country mt's?

    i dont care for toyo my buddy had a sport trac with 24" wheels and within 3 weeks the side walls cracked on 3 out of 4 tires, he found out they were on sale because they were around for 3 years at a store as display tires with tire shine on them and just dried out.
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    Aftermarket diamond cut lites

    i had the diamond headlights with the little guard in them i tried putting them in the oven because i heard it doesn't take much heat to separate the lens but got side track and ended up turning them into soup i got the black housing headlights to replace
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    2DIN-Install 01' Explorer Question

    i have a double din pioneer d3 and i got my trim kit on ebay had to mod it a bit but it was simple also take the whole bezel out put the headunit in the bezel run a piece of duct tape top and bottom connecting the bezel to the unit top and bottom and it will never slide or move ever
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    17-18-20 inch Wheels

    my dad has a 08 limited with the 20" wheels and they fit my sport and look sick but aslong as the height of the wheel and tire combo isnt taller then what you got on now you shouldnt need a reprogram u can even get away with one size a little bigger it wont throw anything off that you would notice
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    ABS light and OBDII scanner?

    how to check for bad abs sensor without a fancy scan tool My abs problem turned out to be my bad wheel bearing with a bad sensor and how to find out is to jack the car up put in neutral be safe chock the rear wheels or put up on hoist. Disconnect the abs sensor wire that runs from the hub up to...
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    ABS light and OBDII scanner?

    I am getting my abs problem investigated at the moment but I had similar problems in the snow because the snow packs in the wheel and covers the sensor triggering the light if it is still on and theres no snow could possibly have bent the sensor away from where its suppose to read or in my case...
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    Which underdrive pulley???

    where do you get a underdrive pulley for your crank and pump at and possibly a overdrive for the alternator sounds perfect for my high output alternator i am about to order for my sound system
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    Mean Green Alternator

    try they make a 200amp and 220amp for like $230
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    What to do...

    heres a few videos on set ups in sport tracs
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    Alternator Re-wiring

    db electrical is a website that sells 200 and 220amp alternators great quality had one on my ranger and great prices it was $250 shipped
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    Dead Optima Battery.. what?

    yea i hate yellow top my ex sport has nothing drawing while off and it is dead if you dont start it within 36 hours. Optima denies that the battery is bad i had all electrical checked and all optima did was tell me to take it to get charged for 12 hours and it worked great for a week and then it...
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    My Gas Pedal Fell Off

    just had my 99 ex sport with 110,000 miles pedal break off in the middle of a snow storm going around a tight turn on a two lane busy road luckily there was a parking lot to coast into i am so P.O'd and all that was holding it on was 3 little tack welds wow i guess bolting it through the...
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    Double Din

    i have a pioneer d3 fit in my sport the trim kit for it i could only find on ebay under a ranger search. it fits great you have to trim your stock radio bezel with a dremel or mini grinder but i will put pics up soon to show it
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    What do you REALLY think about your '06+????

    my dad just got the 2008 all black on black limited edition with v8 and the rare 20x8 inch stock wheels that look cool it is very nice its his third limited and i love them
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    AWD explorer as hot rod chassis...

    heres a full article about that 51 ford f1 you saw in that video Truck Trend - Latest Truck and SUV News and Reviews
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    AWD explorer as hot rod chassis...

    do u want to see a mean 1951 f1 my school built for a make a wish kid it's badass click this link and watch the video