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  1. J

    Aerodynamic Fuel Saver or Mileage Killer?

    They are meant to redirect air back onto the rear window. If I recall correctly a flat backed vehicle creates a partial vacuum as it moves through the air and sucks road grime and water back onto the windshield. This theoretically would blow air into that area and reduce this. I would highly...
  2. J

    2018 Explorer platinum questions - thinking to buy but having second thoughts.

    I'm looking at a 2018 Explorer Platinum. It's a beautiful car, but hasn't been selling. I have a few questions though: A) I'm currently driving an '07 Jeep Commander with a 4.7 V8/5spd. Mileage is atrocious but it's been very trouble free for 200,000 miles and has minimal maintenance...
  3. J

    Information on the Explorer AWD system

    Hi! I'm new here. I have an '07 Jeep Commander, which I really like despite its limitations (3rd row is for people with no legs. Mileage is worse than my budddies F-150...) I live in Northern Michigan and use the Commander for two tracking, and drive on alot of pretty nasty roads in the...