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    chrome clad rims

    chrome clad covers anyone know if you can remove these chrome covers ford puts on their rims?
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    chrome clad rims

    has onayone ever removed the chromw clad cover on their rims? is it even possible? i called my local ford dealer and they said they didnt know...
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    belt replacement

    anyone replace the serpentine belt on an 07 explorer? any tips or tricks or is it pretty easy top figure out? thanks in advance
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    2007 eddie bauer wheel bolt pattern

    does anyone know the bolt pattern for the 07 eddie bauer v6 explorer. I have the chrome clad rims that squeek cuz their clad and its driving me nuts. I am wondering of there are any other ford rims that will work fit...solid chrome rims that is...thanks in advance
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    navigation: any ideas welcome

    thanks i will look it up and check it out
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    navigation: any ideas welcome

    i am looking to put a navigation unit in my 2007 ford explorer eddie bauer. i am looking for a dash unit not one that sucker cups to the windshield...any ideas are welcome
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    as it turns out

    i posted a question last week about a weird turns out the noise coming from my wheel was the chrome cover that overlays the rim. Apparently, which i did not notice at the purchase time, is ford decided to put a chrome cover over a rim to give the look of chrome. Since it is a used...
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    if i recently bought a used 2007 explorer, have an issue with it and want the dealership to fix it what will it cost me? the issue is the front wheel bearing. the factory warranty is still good as the vehicle has 26kl on it and the factory warranty is up at 36k. I also bought a secondary...
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    weird noise

    Hi, i was hoping someone could help me out. I recently bought a used 2007 eddie bauer explorer, v6 2 wheel drive. there has been a weird noise coming from the driver side front wheel. It sounds almost like a piece of tape is stuck to the tire. I can hear it above 10mph and through the...