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    Help me name this alcoholic milkshake!

    I've been a bartender for the last 9 years and I never heard of this drink. Alot of times places will make up a name for a specific drink. So from state to state the same drink may have different names. I can tell you from experience that a made up recipe could have a name that no one has ever...
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    Be prepared!! Many how-to comming soon!!!

    Good job, looks great. Thank GOD you made it home in one piece. Thank you for your service. JMO but would you consider de-badging and losing the roof racks(unless you use it).
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    Replacement Part

    I believe its the rocker moulding, check the website below, but call them before you order to make sure. Also try a junkyard first, the new part may look new, may have to paint you're cladding to make it look uniform, good luck, mike...
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    Yay or Nay(Roof Rack Delete)

    I keep mine in the attic next to some other stock items I don't use...:)
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    Alternative Tire Sizes on Sport?

    I run 275/55-18's on my '01, has slight rub at full lock.
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    my sport trac pictures before tires and after!

    Have you considered painting the cladding black. A satin or flat black would really tie it all together. It looks great..
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    I need clear corners!

    Those are the ones(afboy143). I know cause I have them. No clear tails out there, choices are limited, i have... and that's the cheapest i found after an extensive search.
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    2001 Explorer Sport Battery Dying

    Sounds like the alternator, test the battery first. Also check the terminal cables. Always start with the least expensive items first. Also get a good, by recommendation, mechanic. Times are touph, alot of mechanics want steady customers, so if you go in with some knowledge, you won't get...
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    2001 explorer sport

    It looks nice, but looks can be deceiving. When I bt mine they had brand new brakes in it but the rotors were under spec. Ask if you can run it by your mechanic, do a carfax. And remember your buying it from a dealership, and used car dealers have to make a profit, so the price is padded a bit...
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    Is a cold air intake worth it?

    I put one of these in my 01 sport, the guy who sells them runs the sporttrac website. He mad one custom for me since I have a job1 motor. Great guy, a real pro, and way cheaper than the big boys. The system works great, kinda looks like a mac, except aluminum, not chrome. Runs about 160, non oil...
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    Door Pillar Faded

    Well done, looks great. I'm surprised you did'nt do those trim pieces and the rubber since you had everything unattached. Uh oh, do I smell another project coming... :)
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    Removing stock grille

    I have the clear corners, you'll love the look. Nice ride, similar to mine. I have different rims(TSW caldwells on 275/55/18's), the nerfs, I also have an EE air dam, Rear windflector,debadged, and a 21" biilet antenna, and I removed the roof racks,otherwise it looks just like mine. ha ha... I...
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    good lowering kits?

    Ton of stuff here, no real kits to speak of.
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    Removing stock grille

    I have them both, the main grill I got from Stylin Concepts and the bumper grill from automotive concepts. Actually my sport is black like the picture except I painted my cladding, bumper, and nerfs black. I'd post some pics but my camera SUCKS. Gettin one soon. I also just got done painting a...
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    Removing stock grille

    Wow, 2+ years ago. I'm sure it did, it was my first mod and I would have freaked if there were'nt any. If I remember correctly, the bottom screws were hard to get to, so i used some small plastic rivits to hold it, but once the top was secured it was'nt going anywhere, securing the bottom was...
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    Removing stock grille

    The hardest part is getting the emblem off, it holds the insert. I broke the nut but put the emblem back with some 3m tape(2 years so far). You will also have to dremmel off some plastic nibs, then hit it with some touch up. I used a T-Rex grill, they are a little more expensive, but a higher...
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    Help with aftermarket gauges.

    I second what v8power said, that's what happened with mine. You can pry the needles up JUST A HAIR to alleviate the clearance issue, did that with mine and all is well. Good luck, Mike
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    racing stripes

    The search function had this, may be some others...
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    Yes or No to the chrome

    Yours came with a chrome grill and you have chrome rims, so it kind of looks balanced. If it were my rig, I prefer all black and I might lose the roof rack. Otherwise I think it looks pretty sweet, did you cut your hands on those rims yet? :)
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    suspension questions, please help

    Here are the keys... Also the camber adjusters need to be addressed but the are a couple of different sizes, for ex: -1 1/4 to 1/4 degrees and -1 5/8 to 5/8 degrees. How do we know which to get? Anyone?
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    questions about my 01 sport

    I'd be gessing but it sounds like it may have to to with the air intake, maybe the maf sensor is dirty or even your filter. Check the inexpensive things first. Maybe someone with a similar problem will chime in. Good luck bro...
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    questions about my 01 sport

    Set accel- once you hit the on button for cruise control, you hit that button to "set' your CC. RSM- is the resume button, once you hit the brakes to disengage the CC, you can hit that button to resume your CC speed. Coast- means just that, if your CC is set at a speed, you hit coast and its...
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    96 Cowl panel removal

    I want to do the same thing, so I did a little searching, this looks like it may help.....
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    Dual exhaust for 2001 sport?

    I too wanted dual exhaust, but found it was gonna cost a bit too much along with possibly losing the spare. I ended up getting a Gibson cat back(not too loud but you can defineitely tell it's there plus some extra hp) and put a 12 inch Gibson tip to cover the exposed tailpipe. Between that and...
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    How to get back in the "Game"...

    That's what I call Instant Karma! You did a good thing and you got just desserts. You should go out and play lotto. Good luck with the new ride...