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    Can someone run an OASIS report for me pls?

    My niece brought her 04 escape to me and it needs A LOT of work. Want to see what all has been done TSB/Recall/Warranty wise before I order parts. 1fmyu03104da14051 Thanks.
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    03 Explorer with 04 4.0 SOHC Engine.

    Haha yep. When I bought mine I was looking at the same thing in a V8 for about the same price. (Used vehicles) Went with the V6 because nicer interior or something. Been regretting not going with the 4.6 for a long time...
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    03 Explorer with 04 4.0 SOHC Engine.

    37 to 40 lb-ft + 90 degrees should do it. Problem with torque is that if they told you 250 lb-ft, just a burr on the thread, or friction on the thread, or loctite, or anything, could greatly make that number far off. You might get 180, 300, 200 all with the same bolt and torque wrench. At...
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    Heater hose..

    If the hose feels supple I'd just cut the tee out and put in the metal tee with hose clamps. Heater hose is made of good epdm these days and usually lasts over a decade easily. Those cheap ABS tees are junk, though, as you found out.
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    03 Explorer with 04 4.0 SOHC Engine.

    Glad to hear it's working out for you. I'm doing the same. I lost a bit down the cavity for the rear chain, it fell down towards the jackshaft sprocket area and I can't find it. Is that area open to the oil pan? Hoping I can just drop inspection/lower pan and snag it with a magnet.
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    Heater hose..

    It should work. Other option is junk yard. I walked past two of those hoses the other day in explorers where people had picked the engines.
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    AC not ice cold anymore but pressures look ok

    Teflon coated metal if I remember correctly.
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    AC not ice cold anymore but pressures look ok

    Yep. I did the "mod" to mine a while back. (ripping it out :D )
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    AC not ice cold anymore but pressures look ok

    That's perfect! :thumbsup: 40-50 out of the vent on low during a 90 degree day is the exact spec ford cites for proper operation. Now, let's address the warming up on the highway. Are the vent temps still colder at idle? It's possible that the clutch is being rapidly cycled at higher rpm...
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    2005 Explorer Catylitic Converter problem

    I would get someone to check out your timing chain. It can sound like a cat and will cause misfires on one bank if your timing jumped.
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    Does this product exist?

    Haha! Awesome.
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    Does this product exist?

    Yep that's what I'm talking about. But, I'm just guessing. Maybe that only works in water? I don't know enough about the chemistry. I'm pretty sure I've seen radio towers with zinc blocks on them.
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    AC not ice cold anymore but pressures look ok

    We don't have plates or suction valves, we have scrolls ;)
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    AC not ice cold anymore but pressures look ok

    A "worn out" compressor or orifice tube problem would show up on the gauges. Bad compressors don't make good pressure. If your compressor isn't moving "enough" you will show static pressure. Adding more r134 will raise your STATIC pressures, not dynamic. That depends more on latent heat. Your...
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    Removed broken fresh air door, question about air inlet

    One word of caution, that foam stuff is super flammable.
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    Does this product exist?

    Sealing it won't help in that case, you need something to sacrifice itself, like another metal. Some type of metal impregnated stuff like antiseize would probably work. Maybe you could somehow combine RTV and antiseize into something? You can use cold galvanizing paint, too. It's basically...
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    Does this product exist?

    Ah yes I forget about road salt living down south. But, same difference. Road salt, whether it be sodium chloride or some other salt, acts as an electrolyte and just speeds up the galvanic process. IMHO, cars should have earth ground connector, and/or electronic corrosion systems like...
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    Does this product exist?

    Most of the fastener corrosion in modern vehicles is galvanic. Not exposure. That's why anti-seize is impregnated with sacrificial metals.
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    Driving without parking brake shoes

    It's not too pressing. But I'd fix it if you live in a hilly area. Otherwise you're trusting your truck to this tiny little nub on the end of the parking pawl.
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    Engine Dies When Using Cruise Control

    I think the owner's manual says something to the effect that cruise control won't work well/be accurate below 35 or 30 or somewhere around there.
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    2003 Mountaineer tire noise

    Differential bearing(s) might be going out. Common problem. Do you hear it when you let off the gas? It's hard to pinpoint. Get someone to drive the truck around while you ride in the rear cargo area.
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    Air Intake Mod

    Don't mess with airflow. Ford has impossible CAFE standards to try and meet. If something simple would have increased fuel economy, they would have done it.
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    How many miles on original 3rd Gen Tranny?

    187K on my mine with no issues. I bought the truck with ~90K on it. I pulled the ford OASIS report and it says around 30K it had the solenoid/servos replaced and had the additive TSB performed + Fluid change. I've put almost 100K on it without opening the trans or even doing fluid. So I guess...
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    Heater hose..

    I think that's 5/8 hose? You can buy plastic and metal 5/8" heater hose tees. Dorman - Help 5/8 X 5/8 X 5/8 In. Metal Universal Heater Hose Tee Part No. 56387...
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    update-GONE BAD!!!diag/replace of fuel injector?

    Yes, you should have used new intake manifold gaskets. Check for vac lines not plugged in or broken. Check firing order of your wires. Are the injectors all plugged back in?