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    Based on the below, I assume that means I need to replace the alternator ?

    How much heat has your battery been under? Heat kills batteries
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    Aerodynamic Fuel Saver or Mileage Killer?

    You’ve never seen me hit a golf ball, hitting one with one arm is a trick I’ve yet to master.
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    If you had a second gen Explorer, what engine would you put in it?

    You can always get crazy and throw a Coyote in there. I have to add that YMWV (your mileage WILL vary)
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    2015 Explorer sport , 101K miles water pump ... should I do timing chain too ?

    See, that’s the kind of crap that ends up on Reddit for everyone to know and say “What da fuq?” And sometimes it’s ends up on other media outlet. With Ford not looking good in today’s headline, could be problem solved. In 87, I bought a brand new XR7 that turned out to be a lemon. Dealership was...
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    Let it be known (parking brake springs)

    Not to mention that if your vehicle requires yearly safety inspections, no E-Brake will keep it from passing (at least here in Virginia)
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    Why we don't let 14 year olds drive...

    that’s gonna leave a mark, and I don’t think it will buff out
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    Brake lights are stuck on with headlights on

    I’d be willing to bet that therein “LED” lies your problem.
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    defrost doesn't unfreeze wiper blades frozen to windshield

    Bend up some heavy duty cardboard to use as a redirect for your defroster vent
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    Leaked in China: 2023 Ford Explorer gets facelift and a redesigned interior

    AFAIC, not too sure what market it for, I’m leaning towards the market of stupid people with money to burn, parts for that monster will have you taking out a second mortgage on your house to replace something.
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    AWD BW4404

    Snow? That’s a 4 letter word in my book. Time spent in the Middle East taught me that. Bring on the heat!
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    More than likely my last EXPLODER

    especially since I’m older than him, LOL!
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    If you were to buy now, would you still buy what you bought? 6th Gen (2020+)

    Yes, I would buy another in a heartbeat. You’ll find libraries of horror stories about every vehicle if you look hard enough. That being said, I’m on my 3rd Explorer, still satisfied.
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    Issues With Sirius Updates

    I'd like to give those morons at Ford a swirly. Mine started the install (no warning) as I was backing out of a parking space. There goes the backup camera, and my OSD for the entertainment system is hosed yet again. Every time they push one these updates, my OSD on the right side goes back to...
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    Door sensor on 2014 XLT?

    On my 2014 XLT I have an intermittent problem with the drivers door. Unless I sheet the door with considerable force, I get one of the many alarms going off telling me the door is not shut. Suggestions anyone? Bueller? TIA
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    Stuck in park!

    i have to ask, where was that Blake light switch made?
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    2021 Explorer Hidden Gems

    Flashing rear lights for those maroons that like to follow too close would be great
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    Flashing Brake Lights Discussion

    How about different light intensities depending on how you apply the brakes? ie: flashing for slamming on the brakes in a panic stop, etc.
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    2001 5.0 Eddie Bauer Vacuum Diagram is Unobtanium!

    When hitting old/outdated links, try this site Wayback Machine It’s a list of webpages that don’t exist anymore. The internet never forgets…anything
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    Puddle Lights

    It should be a requirement at any auto manufacturer that all engineeers be required to change the part they just designed/redesigned
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    Dashboard cleaning 101

    The only thing I found Armorall useful for was using it s a lubricant for pulling in cable.
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    Dashboard Mat/Cover

    No, I'm not a fan or Armor All or other dashboard protectants. I just know about the reflection/glare issues from driving the wife's Edge.
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    Dashboard Mat/Cover

    In my 2014, it has a semi long sloping windshield exposing that big dash and creating a metric butt ton of reflection on the windshield. Does anyone have any experience with a non-reflective dashboard cover?
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    Another Explorer 2014 XLT

    Don't apologize, you're helping. Thank you!