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    Reading Text Messages with iOS 6.1.2

    When a SMS message comes in, I get the alert and I can use the steering wheel controls to have MFT read me the great. Occasionally, while I am listening to the first message a second one will come in before I complete listening to the first. I can see no way to access this second...
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    iOS 6.1 out today

    6.1 downloaded on my iPhone 4 and tested on a 3 hour drive this afternoon. Nothing broke, and nothing new that I could see. No messaging.
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    So is the Dec 2012 MFT Release V4? v3.6?

    Yep, See third bullet. I've noticed a significant improvement in this and particularly voice recognition.
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    Just Like That...Explorer sold after one month.

    A real explorer using his Explorer to do some exploring Good read, good points all around. Here's my two cents: See the following in our forum here, about post number #130 Maybe not exploring in the Ponce de Leon sense...
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    New Navigation Card? (A4)

    Home installation of 3.5.1 Successfuly Completed :) Software downloaded from syncmyride flawlessly. Upgrade took about 40 min to complete. Instructed to insert new NAV (A4) card, read and loaded with no issues. iPone repaired first try, address book re-downloaded. Looks like everything went as...
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    still need outside temp help

    And now that everything and everyone is happy, your misplaced sensor should magically re-appear. Well, that's usually the way it works for me anyway.
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    New Navigation Card? (A4)

    Ditto on the quick arrival of the card. Ordered Sunday night and the card was here when I arrived home from work (Wednesday). Looking forward to positive upgrade reports. I won't get a chance to do mine until the weekend.
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    New Navigation Card? (A4)

    I logged on to syncmyride and was alerted that I have an upgrade action to complete. Yippe skippy! Ordered A4 card. I saw no indication of the version number, but then again I did not actually go ahead and download the update yet. I'll follow up with a quick note when after I get the card and...
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    New Navigation Card? (A4)

    3.5.2 and Nav card availablity on Ford site WRT 3.5.1 and nav card being available for those of us that will upgrade sans dealer...I sent a note to the IVT team and Rebecca responded: >Originally Posted by swkooter >Hi gang, > >Any word on when version 3.5.1 and nav card will be...
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    '13 Xploder - Remote Start Q's

    Here's a link to the picture of the slot he's talking about: I have not had this problem so I can't vouch for the solution. Hope it works for you.
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    Oil Change interval

    FWIW, I changed my oil over this past weekend; my first DIY change on this vehicle. Here's my take. This was the second oil change since the dealer provided the first one for free. The drain plug was very tight and I had to use the long ratchet to break it loose...seemed way too tight to me...
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    SMR Update 3.5.1

    This forum has purpose! ...apparently to connect Ford Motor Co. with their dealership network. Great to hear bs (no offense). Keep us updated.
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    2013 Explorer Sport - nit picks so far

    That makes sense now. I ran out to the EX to check this out and discovered that you do need to be on the phone display for this to work. 'Never fails for me that I need to hold the hang up button just as I am starting a maneuver with the steering wheel. Still, I guess it is a partial solution.
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    2013 Explorer Sport - nit picks so far

    Learned something new on the forum today! Now there's something I didn't know. Thanks phareous.
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    OK, thanks for trying that. Sorry but I don't have any furture suggestions. If your local stations are in-fact broadcasting RDS information, then it would seem that something is not functioning for you in your reciever.
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    dosy_555, would you check something for me? Is your HD Radio button enabled? If so, turn it off, and see if RDS starts working for you. I've experienced this a few times when HD is having trouble locking in, if I turn it off RDS works just fine. Please report your experience. Thanks.
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    Rear View Mirror is Drooping!

    Thanks for following up phareous and reporting your experience. It's a real phenomenon. About once a week I have to re-adjust my mirror too. And, there have been enough observations by others that have spoke up on this thread to corroborate. I didn’t go back through completely, but I seemed...
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    Sony HD Stereo Volume Levels

    Thanks for posting this one VinceL, and passing this on Rebecca. This has been a annoyance for me as well. Its really a problem when your trying to set the ambiance with some background music and its required that you maintain a conversation at the same time. This one goes in the top part of...
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    Sun Visor Mirror Cover NO Longer Stays in Place

    If you solve this mystery, we'll all be smarter. Seems like maybe some of the early 2013's came with Car2U, maybe most of the newer builds seem to have HomeLink. It’s only a theory at this point. If you have restored functionality with the new HomeLink visors and they are not falling down on...
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    Sun Visor Mirror Cover NO Longer Stays in Place

    If you are only programming for late model garage door openers and have no need to program for gate openers, Car2U seems just fine. If you do need to program for a gate and you have a transmitter, Homelink has a "learn" mode. That's the main differentiator for me. Once you have access to your...
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    Voice commands just plain stopped working

    I've had my Explorer since March and I've experienced a bit of MFT's cantankerousness. However, the reboot app has generally brought the system back to center. I've done it about 6 times. Now, the last few weeks, we started popping record highs in these parts and MFT has been noticeably more...
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    Whats the first thing that has cracked, broke or scratched in your EXP?

    A really minor thing, but it hurt none-the-less. I was policing up the center console and lifted the little tray that has the small compartments and the deep one for pens(?). When I put the tray back in, one of the mounting hooks on the back of the tray snapped off. I didn't think I was being...
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    Homelink or Car2U for 2013 Ford Explorer models

    I don't think I specified my build date earlier, but it would jive with your theory. 2013 Limited, 302A, w/CAR2U visor; build date March 16, 2012.
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    Ford Explorer Wiper Blades

    'Just realized I referenced the 2013 so there may be a difference, sorry 'bout that. Still a new fact for me on the 2013. Strangely enough...the 2011 manual does not seem to call out replacements. 2013 Explorer (exp) Owners Guide gf, 1st Printing USA (fus) Here's the link...
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    Ford Explorer Wiper Blades

    from the owners manual.... WW-2206-PF (driver side) WW-2600-PF (passenger side) My new factoid of the day: different wipers for each side of the windshield.