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    cv joint angle?

    Hey guys I just got done doing my shackle/tt lift and I am perplexed at an issue with the tt. I measured the front on both sides before I did the lift and only got about 1 inch when i was done. The thing is my p side torsion bar adjustment bolt maxed out and I couldnt screw it in anymore after 1...
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    roof rack

    I am wanting to use my roof rack to mount aux lights on top as many have done on here, although my roof rack only goes about 1/2 of the way to the front of the vehicle. I have a sunroof so i imagine that is why. Does anyone know if i could get the long roof rack "tracks" from another explorer...
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    1997 XLT Bumper Uprade?

    if you do find a new bumper I would be happy to take the old one off your hands. I am trying to find a gray trim bumper that is pre 99'
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    ground clearance

    I was just wondering how much ground clearance the 2nd gens had with the TT and shackle lift. Assuming you are running the largest possible tires. Thanks.