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    1993 Ranger 4.0L - Later Model Engine?

    Got it all back together Friday night. Took it for a test drive and motor was great. Brakes on the other hand were really spongy. Needs a few other little things but seems solid overall. Guy I am putting it together for seemed pleased so that's a plus also.
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    1993 Ranger 4.0L - Later Model Engine?

    Ended up not swapping exhaust manifolds. The 93 uses bolts to attach and the 99 uses studs that are a lot shorter. The 99 look like they flow slightly better and the only other difference is the collector studs are smaller and about 1/2in farther apart. Ended up notching the brackets on the...
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    1993 Ranger 4.0L - Later Model Engine?

    Back on topic. I pulled the old 93 4.0 last night and had a chance to do some comparing. Going to have to swap upper intake, exhaust manifolds, motor mounts and engine wiring harness. Also the 93 is a 6 bolt pattern for the flywheel and the 99 is an 8. Luckily I had kept the 8 bolt when I...
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    1993 Ranger 4.0L - Later Model Engine?

    Anyone else have info to add? I'm getting ready to attempt this. I have a 93 Ranger 4.0 that I bought with the motor knocking and I have a 4.0 OHV out of a 99 explorer sitting in my shop that I'm planning to swap in. I know I will have to change intakes and probably exhaust manifolds...
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    All Power locks will UNLOCK..but not lock? every door affected

    Thanks all. This fixed my 1999 limited. Connection under rear passenger right by door jam. Connection looked good until I peeled back heat shrink and wires were broken. Quick solder job and they work fine.
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    99 Explorer 5.0 SAS build

    Mostly that I already have two extra sets of 8 lug rims. I'm leaving the 8.8 and buying wheel spacers/adapters. I've always hated how these IFS explorers rode on gravel/off road so it's definitely getting a solid front axle.
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    99 Explorer 5.0 SAS build

    I did radius arms on my sport with a yota box. Already purchased a manual 4406 and plan on yota box and some sort of radius arm setup also.
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    99 Sport build progression

    Here's the only pictures I have of the steering. I like the box on the outside of the frame for the longer/less angle steering linkage. I used a combination of the stock steering shaft and a shaft out of an early 90s ranger. From the looks of the 99 5.0 I just purchased there is more room but I...
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    99 Explorer 5.0 SAS build

    I did radius arms on my sport with a yota box. Already purchased a manual 4406 and plan on yota box and some sort of radius arm setup also.
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    99 Explorer 5.0 SAS build

    Just picked up a 99 Explorer 5.0 Limited with 135k on it. Transfer case is shot and has some pretty good body damage on passenger rear. Plan is to solid axle swap it and use it for a daily driver/weekend trail rig. I already have a full on play rig so I'm planning on keeping this one more...
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    99 Sport build progression

    I haven't updated in a long time so here it goes. I hated how it rode so rough on gravel and offroad so I decided to SAS it. Full width Dana 44 HP and Ford 9in. Been wheeling it this way for over a year with no issues. I just purchased a 99 Explorer limited 5.0 for my next SAS project. It's...
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    Completed Project Kirby's 1991 Ranger Build Up

    I might be a little late but I would leave the rear axle where it is. I have mine perfectly center and wish it was a little further back. As I get toward max up travel the leaf flex pulls the axle forward and it rubs. I'm planning on reworking my spring pack due to some over zealous play in...
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    96 transfer case

    Front driveshaft output is different. You need one from a 95-02 explorer or 98 and up ranger I believe.
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    Buggy kinda... 94 Explorer Sport

    Looks like good progress. I hear that about finding time in between life keeping you busy. I'd love to do this for a replacement for our honda big red on the farm but I want to use a Bronco II.
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    explorer dd build plan, any input is appreciated

    Depending what gears it already has and if you aren't doing any extreme rock crawling you can probably get away with stock gearing on 33s. If it has a stock limited slip you could save money on a locker and rebuilt the factory unit and be safer on icy roads too. You can throw endless money at...
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    Mn Mountaineer V8 SAS

    I have 32.5 (damned metric system) duratracs on mine and I love them. It's been my daily driver for a couple years now and they still look almost new. Good all around tire. Handle the snow, mud and still run 75 down the interstate no problem.
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    Mn Mountaineer V8 SAS

    Subscribed. This looks like a solid build. I'm on the lookout for parts to try a SAS on my 99 sport.
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    limited slip vs locker questions from a newb

    Most likely the clutch packs are shot on your factory limited slip. You options are to rebuild the factory limited slip or buy a locker to replace it. If you daily drive or don't seriously offroad I recommend rebuilding the factory setup. Then you can get a lock-right or a torsen for the front.
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    I think I might have cross threaded my spark plug

    Thread chasers are meant to straighten/clean up the threads. If you try to force the plug in it will just make them worse.
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    99 Sport build progression

    No plans to go bigger currently. The offroading I do is mostly with trackers and samurais so I'm already one of the bigger trucks.
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    explorer sport pics

    Here's a recent one of mine. Build thread here. Linky
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    99 Sport build progression

    Mods: accusump pre oiler to prevent timing chain guide destruction, airbox modified for increased air flow, spring over axle and drive shaft spacer, rear aussie locker Upgrades: Bilstein shocks, Amsoil synthetic air filter, Goodyear Duratrac tires Mainenance: Intake gaskets, PCV valve, timing...
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    99 Sport build progression

    As purchased with 135k miles. Getting ready for SoA conversion. SoA conversion done and rusty nerf bars removed. TT and new 265/75/16 Goodyear Duratracs
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    2004 Ranger 4.0L SOHC in my 99 Ex?

    Keep us posted. Would open up options for replacement motors.
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    We proudly hit 200,000 miles today

    Guy down the road has a 1995 4.0 OHV sport with 330k+. It's actually for sale and I went and drove it the other day and it's still pretty solid for that many miles.