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  1. J

    Self-Adjusting rear brakes?

    And they work in really small increments. After a reline, the brakes need to be manually adjusted the first time. Also, if the shoes don't rest against the anchor pin due to faulty e-brake cables or other problems, the self adjusters will not work correctly.
  2. J

    Got to get running So I can trade it in!

    For svande8592.... just because a solenoid clicks doesn't mean it's good. Think about it for a while.
  3. J

    Transmition slip

    I've replaced dozens of pitman shaft seals without having to replace the shaft...... the price of the shaft alone will have you looking at rebuilt steering boxes, anyway.
  4. J

    Transmition slip

    You have checked fluid level, right?
  5. J

    If YOU have a 1st gen look here

    The sticker was put there so that Ford would get the complete assembly back in order to determine any causes for failure. Any manufacturer can only do so much performance testing and they can never hope to truly duplicate all circumstances. Ergo. introductory assemblies are generally not...
  6. J

    If YOU have a 1st gen look here

  7. J

    Sparks were everywhere! (HELP)

    Shorting the low pressure cut out will cause the compressor to run continuously. This could result in high head pressures and compressor damage. The stuff that could break will cost more than getting a proper repair done now....
  8. J

    belt question 93-94 limited

    Odd sounds are one of the few ways your car has of telling you something is amiss..... you wont know if it's serious or not until you know what it is..... Nothing more exasperating than having something break a long way from home just after you maxed out your mastercard. Priceless, indeed...
  9. J

    alternator: take in 95A as core for new 130

    Don't know about Autozone, but we get wrong core in box kicked back at us every time it happens. I guess it all depends on whether you'd want someone to f*ck you over or not. Honesty takin' a holiday here??
  10. J

    Lower Intake Leak?

    The lower intake leak is an insidious little bugger. It seems to affect different cars different ways..... About the easiest way to check is to disable BOTh sides of the PCV system and feed propane into the crankcase. RPM gain would equal intake leak. Judging from the frquency of complaints (...
  11. J

    belt question 93-94 limited

    I couldn't be sure, but is there a chance the added size of the stator may have the alternator centreline higher in the mounting saddle?
  12. J

    need your guys help with 5.5lift and wheel toe prob

    Looks like it's time for a dropped pitman arm. The tie rods need to follow the angle of the I-beams as closely as possible. But if you've followed another thread WTF do I know,,,
  13. J

    Home made intake tube pictures!!!

    Against my better judgement I'll make one last post. Perseption is very deceiving. Shall I recount the number of times someone turned an air cleaner lid upside down only to have the added sound give the "perception" of increased power? Since you will believe that which you hold to be true and...
  14. J

    Home made intake tube pictures!!!

    OK.... bring me some time slips. Show me gas receipts. Do something..... I looked at my intake tube a long time ago and my motor still don't run out of air. I'd have to do something really serious to get to the point where my motor runs out of air - like nearly double the displacement of the...
  15. J

    Home made intake tube pictures!!!

    I don't see it helping anything... plain and simple.... I also didn't see anything for the intake side of the PCV system (pardon me for presuming that this may be important). Aside from that, the exhaust shop should be able to bend tubing up to 3" diameter or better.... this would remove the...
  16. J

    Early explorers please help!!!!!

    I would think that the spring shop should be able to tell you what your car weighs..... If a spring shop can't send me a spring pack by application, I think I'd reconsider ordering from them. If they can't get the weight of the car right, how will they get any other measurements right?
  17. J

    Smoking the Tires

    THIS might be a dumb question...... why would you want to? In all honesty, a burnout has everything to do with horsepressure and little to do with brakes. A brakestand WILL hurt your transmission and rear brakes....... If you do this in front of your friends and things go bad, it seems to...
  18. J

    Brakes Overheating...What to Do???

    First thing is to make sure that the brakes aren't dragging. Sticking or dirty caliper guides, restricted hoses/lines, or even mistakenly adding oil instead of brake fluid can all cause this type of problem. A maladjusted pushrod in the brake booster is another possibility. Whatever you find...
  19. J

    OBD-II conspiracy?

    Auto emission control systems (notably the electronics and diagnosis) from each manufacturer were getting too disparate and were on a path that would have the dealerships as being the only choice for repair in these areas. The government mandated OBDll as a way to standardize the systems and...
  20. J

    Front Axle Lubricant

    80W 90 would be the recommendation for conventional base stock oils. 75W 140 is going to be either synthetic or synthetic blend. If extreme high or extreme low temperatures are a concern, I'd go with the synthetic - for "normal" operation I'd call it a matter of taste.
  21. J

    CEL help.. just came on after some maintenence

    Without knowing the DTC that the CEL is indicating, it is difficult to make any kind of guess that would mean anything. Find out what code(s) are stored and let us know.
  22. J

    Home made intake tube pictures!!!

    Once a piece of sewer pipe - always a piece of sewer pipe....
  23. J

    mass air question

    The ECM works on small voltages, smaller current flows and, often, are frequency dependent. Often, even the smallest change can upset the apple cart big time. To compound the trouble, many DTCs will not set unless the computer sees a sensor operating outside it's design parameters, i.e. if a...
  24. J

    mass air question

    I take it you soldered and shrink sleeved the connections??