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    97 with clutch, pilot bearing or slave cylinder issues

    The "loose" connection at the slave cylinder is probably normal, it's a spring lock connection of sorts so there will be some play. I can't help you much more than that as I'm having the same problems on my truck right now, although I'm subscribing to see how you make out
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    Key-off battery drain

    Have the battery load tested, if that checks out, you can test the alternator simply by starting the engine and testing voltage at the battery, it should be ~13.5 volts. If that all checks out, make sure there aren't any loose connections on the starter wiring and check the resistance on those...
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    drive shaft/ TC play

    I'm trying to hunt down a clunking noise made on down shifts in my ex, it's a 97 2 door X motor with the manual 5 speed. While I was looking around under the truck I noticed a lot of play in the front drive shaft. I'm able to rotate the front drive shaft probably 30 degrees left and right. The...
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    Need help with starter

    It's a PITA, I wound up having to cut a box end wrench down to fit in there and then using a hammer to break it free, after that I used a socket and extension to pull it out.
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    New Trans.

    Change the oil every 25k, more if you're towing obviously. That's probably the single most important thing you can do. Don't overlook the transfer case oil changes either, I'd do those at least every 25k if not sooner.
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    manual tranny clunking on downshift

    I have a 97 2 door 4wd with the 5 speed manual transmission, sporadically when I downshift I get a clunking in the drive line. The clunking isn't consistent, some days it happens frequently, some days it only happens in the morning however, once I get the first clunk, several more follow on the...
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    Vibration around 110kmh

    You very well could have a tire that is out of round or a bent rim, any decent tire shop should be able to check that for you. If the tires and rims are okay, you most likely have a problem in the drive line.
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    alignment question

    I hear ya, I was in the same boat with my ex. Is it just the one side that's having camber issues or both? If it's both, you might as well replace the upper and lower ball joints while everything is apart. I believe moog makes a kit for around $200 that includes all 4 ball joints as well as...
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    alignment question

    How are the ball joints?
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    Which tires?

    a lot of people like the michelin ltx, however if you're looking for a great tire at a decent price check out the dunlop radial rover. Also, checkout for good tire reviews.
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    Piston rotation

    Nope, just press them straight in.
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    2 door rocker panels needed

    thanks, didn't look hard enough the first time at LMC!! Is there a dogleg for the 2 doors too, or do you buy just the rocker panel and then custom form something for a dogleg?
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    Egr tube

    If I understood you correctly, you pulled the EGR tube itself out of the intake instead of loosening it at the exhaust manifold. I believe that assembly isn't supposed to be separated after leaving the factory, the proper removal of the EGR is at the exhaust manifold. In this case, I'd recommend...
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    2 door rocker panels needed

    Does anyone know where to get rocker panels for a 97 2 door? I'm specifically looking for the right rear.
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    control trac 4wd w/bad vibs

    yes a small amount of power always goes to the front wheels (something like 4% if I remember correctly). Are you sure the problem is in the driveline? You could potentially have a problem with an out of round tire or tires where they'll still balance out in the shop but shake like crazy on the...
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    where to find stock 16" rim

    thanks guys, I was able to pick one up at the junkyard for $50. Looks brand new!
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    where to find stock 16" rim

    what kind of tires
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    where to find stock 16" rim

    which tires? you can get 4 rims shipped for $280, $250 a piece is what I'd expect to pay for a high end alloy rim.
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    Oil Pressure gague goes to 0 then back up upon restart

    you found metal and plastic in the oil pan and decided to put it back together :wtf: I'd start by replacing the timing chain and guides (maybe you should have a mechanic do it), second scrap the fram filter and get yourself something decent. Purolator is the best along with mobil and bosch, if...
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    where to find stock 16" rim

    what are you looking to get for just 1 shipped to 06033?
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    where to find stock 16" rim

    I'm looking for just the one...
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    where to find stock 16" rim

    $70 seems steep for a used steel rim, they're getting $50 for alloys at the junkyards here. I'll check ebay too, thanks for the suggestions.
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    where to find stock 16" rim

    Recently I managed to bend one of the rims on my ex, it's not horribly bent but enough so that it can't be balanced out. Since it's a sport, it came with the 16" steel rims (chrome face), I understand the 4 door ex's come with 15" rims. Does anyone know of where to find one of these rims. I've...
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    Help with rust on a 1996 Eddie Bauer.

    I'm pretty sure you guys are talking about the mount for the evap canister, mine's in bad shape too. I was under the truck doing brake lines yesterday and oh baby the rust is having a good time under there. I'm pretty sure the evap canister itself is plastic though so that should be safe from...
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    Rear-End Collision

    +1 on what monmix said, the good news is rear end damage isn't nearly as expensive as front end damage since you don't have all the engine and electrical components to deal with. Still, it sounds like somethings got bent pretty badly and if the frame needs pulling that raises the labor bill...