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    Click and grind plus brakes

    If you are changing out the e-brake pads it is a total PITA. There are alot of fishing around to get all the springs an cams in place. Buy the additional hardware kit. Though some of mine were reusable, most were heavily rusted, and I was glad to replace all the little bits and pieces. Next...
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    spark plug change in a 4.6l

    So 2 tanks of gas later, it does not appear that the new spark plugs have given me a boost in MPGs. Start up idle is a little rough. But it seems to run well with them in the car once up to operating temp. Oh well.
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    best of luck. Post what you find
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    2005 V8 4.6 air condtioning recharge

    Finding the leak isn't the hard part. Draining the system recovering the old R134a (don't that that stuff go into the air), fixing the leaking part, drawing a vacuum in the system, then filling it with new R plus lube oil, is the hard part.
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    Engine Air Intake Hose hole?

    Valve cover breather.
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    really only the limited have that info screen. you can probably enter it some other way. Well hot dam. XLT MY 4wd buttons are on the right and the setup button is where teh 4x4 high is. I has seen this guy on you tube hack into the dash computer on a base model F150. He didn't have the...
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    In the dash computer. Something like hold down the set up button (?). In the owners manual.
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    If you go through the setup, you can deactivate the auto lock feature. Then you can lock and unlock the doors whenever you like. My father always told me to drive with the door unlocked. If you get in an accident it is one less thing for first repsonders to have to deal with.
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    Reman rear diff questions/suggestions

    too bad you can't just remove the rear cover to inspect.
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    4x4 Problems on 2002 Explorer

    Mine will make a thunk sound when shifting in and out of 4 low.
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    spark plug change in a 4.6l

    I have bought a 3 pack of swivels. 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 drives. Had used the 3/8 before. First time using the 1/4. 1/2 is still untouched. I had made something like this (pic off the web) for driving the 7mm coil pack bolt. Came in very handy.
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    Reman rear diff questions/suggestions

    Looks like used ebay units are pretty cheap. You could rebuild/partial on the bench top and drop it in when ready.
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    Crack down rear tailgate

    Probably why it cracks in the first place. I put the silicon on in the fall when it was warm, flush. Now it it has contracted and pushed the silicon out from the crack some.
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    I Hit A Deer: Questions About Rebuilding

    Might try ebay. Might get lucky and find the righ color 2002 2003 2004 2005 FORD EXPLORER FENDER FRONT PASSENGER SIDE FACTORY | eBay Then there are paint to match options. My FIL hit a deer and went the paint to match option. Not perfect due to fade, but close enough for a 15+ year old car...
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    Crack down rear tailgate

    my 2004 was one of the rare uncracked Explorers. Then last year it finally cracked. I threw some silicon into the crack so that water doesn't seep down inside. Now it looks horrible. Considering putting in some bondo and painting.
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    Control arm

    Isn't there suppose to be a rubber boot over that. With no boot and the amount of rust I would think that the ball joint is beyond toast. Have you ever seen a car lose a ball joint on the road... I would replace the entire control arm with a new ball joint and bushings.
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    spark plug change in a 4.6l

    I went and change those spark plugs this weekend. Figured I will complete this thread by documenting the job and adding a few bits of information which I learned. Fist off I went and purchased a set of NGK 3403. I general I am a fan of NGK plugs and run them in most engines I own. Typically I...
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    spark plug change in a 4.6l

    Thanks. Watched a couple of videos that were really no help.
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    spark plug change in a 4.6l

    Got some new plugs hoping that it will gain me some MPGs. Old ones are at about 50K SP493. Someone on this forum recommenced changing them to increase MPG. I figured why not as it was relatively cheap to buy. I pulled one of the front plugs to inspect. Looked ok. Before pulling the rear plugs I...
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    Rear Heat

    There is a blend door actuator back there too. Mine is on the fritz and make a clunking noise, but I still have heat. Have not tried to swtich it to cold as we are in the middle of winter. Did a search and found several "how tos"
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    15w40 instead of transmission fluid?

    In a manual transmission I have run 10-50W synthetic in lieu of 75-90w. The 10-50w must be synthetic or it will break down too easily. The thinner oil helps the synchros mesh. In a manual transmission the fluid is used to lube in by splash around, and some shear on the gear teeth. In an auto...
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    Flashing Check Engine Light

    Flashing check engine light means don't drive it is already worse.
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    Rear abs sensor

    Have you inspected the ABS sensor and wires. They can get damaged and cause issues you are describing. Also when the wheel bearings starts to go bad this is also a symptom. Not necessarily because the bearing is sloppy, but because there the too much play between the tone ring on the hub and...
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    Rear abs sensor

    What light. Assume ABS light Yes a bad sensor can cause the ABS light to come on.
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    Rear abs sensor