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    1998 Radio Power/Speaker Wiring Coding

    This is for anyone looking to replace the Ford stock radio/cd with an aftermarket radio that wants to know what wires to use. This may save someone else the trouble I went through tearing the doors apart to figure it out. I had a F87F-18C868-CD premium CD/radio in my 1998 Ford Explorer Sport ...
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    Radio LED display fix!!!

    This radio is terrible Well, nothing I tried, fixed the display, and now the CD player is starting to get flakey. I can't believe they charged $880 for such a piece of junk. I'm just going to wait until the radio or CD becomes unusable and replace it with an after market unit.
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    Radio LED display fix!!!

    Latest result display went completely after trying the cleaning route last year. I pursued boilermakerfan route of also redoing the solder joints. did about 90% of them. couldn't get to the others. display has been working great since. didn't raise the resistors. may do that if it goes out...
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    Radio LED display fix!!!

    I tried the fixes mentioned, but had no change in effect. I am not sure that I agree with the loose connection or dirty board theories. Mine tends to dim and brighten. usually a bad connection will have an immediate effect. I would be more inclined to think that the problem may be in the chips...