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  1. J

    hey uhh this is weird

    My 2001 has one.
  2. J

    I love Explorerforum!

    Sonoma County- thanks
  3. J

    Explorerforum rocks-

    2001 Sport Trac, 4x4 went out. Read the posts, determined my problem was the control module by kick panel. For $190 I bought the part at the dealer and installed it myself, now 4x4 works great. Saved several $$$ on fixing my wife's 2003 Explorer by reading your posts too. Thanks Explorerforum.
  4. J

    I love Explorerforum!

    I broke the drivers door mirror on my wife's 2003 Explorer, dealer wanted $300 for mirror and labor. I picked up a mirror for $52 delivered off Ebay and then used the forum to figure out how to take the door panel off and replace the mirror! Thanks for all you who post great how to info!
  5. J

    Firestone Destination AT or LE which one is better

    I put the Firestone Destination A/T on my wife's 2003 Explorer this fall. Love them. Excellent on pavement, but good in the snow too. I wish I could afford to put another set on my 2001 Sport Trac.