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    Replacing Rotors

    Thanks everyone...I took your advice and only replaced on rotor
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    Replacing Rotors

    A couple days ago my front wheel came off while I was driving (whoops!), but luckilly the only thing that seems to be damaged is my rotor. I was just wondering if it is completely necessary to replace both rotors, or if I can just replace the one? Thanks in advance for any help!
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    Help, 94 XLT Caught on Fire

    Same Kind of Problem I have a problem very similiar but a little different. I got done driving today and noticed an enormous amount of smoke coming out of my rear passenger wheel well. It did not burst into flames, but was still a lot of smoke. Could this be something to do with my brakes...
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    Jake's 1991 Explorer

    Hey, I got a 1991 Explorer XLT with 158000 miles. It's a true beast though at this moment it lacks things such as 4X4 (hopefully I'll get this fixed soon!) Anyone from Minnesota on this forum?
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    Avg Mpg?

    1991 XLT with 158,000 miles Usually bout 13-14 in town and 15-16 on highway, not the best but can't complain
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    Manual Hubs?? Solution??

    Forgot to Mention No, I did not check to see if it was working. What's the easiest way to do that? Thanks
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    Manual Hubs?? Solution??

    Thanks Thanks for all the help. I don't hear a click when I hit my 4X4 button, but I think I'll still look at my motor. I bought the truck knowing it didn't have working 4X4 and living in Minnesota it'd be really nice for the winter so I just want to get it working.
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    Manual Hubs?? Solution??

    I have a 1991 Explorer XLT and the four wheel drive is not currently working. I took off the shift motor, looked it over, cleaned it up, then put it back. Still nothing. I don't really feel like replacing it if it is in fact bad so I was considering converting to manual hubs. I was just...