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    UhOh...It started with a bad MAF sensor

    The water is coming out of the exhaust more than normal Not a steady stream but more like steady drops and when I step on the gas it blows out the back enough to leave about a 2 sq. ft. wet spot on the driveway. In other words, more than normal. today I'll check the intake and head bolts to see...
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    UhOh...It started with a bad MAF sensor

    then the water pump started leaking out of the weep hole. I bought the MAF first driving the Explorer ('96 4.0) to the parts store so I could change in the lot and get the exchange. I filled the radiator with water before I left but most leaked out. The temp guage arose to about 3/4 of the way...
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    Recalls and TSB info

    I've found this site useful so I thought I'd give the link. Hope it helps. Dead Link Removed
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    AAL install

    Just did the Pro Comp short a few days ago. Do the job yourself. You'll see that it's much more intimidating to plan than to actually do. Most problems are little things that slow you down. Have a friend help if you can. Your helper can do things like squeeze the hanger bolts together so you...
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    need amp wiring diagram

    This worked for my 96...not sure about yours but if the wire colors match I'd say your good to go. "byMbrooks420" Here is how the wiring broke down in my 1996 Xlt I used Bullet connectors, Butt conectors would work also. The left column is the input connector to the amp. It has 11...
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    Amp Bypass for Audiophile in 96/ Works!

    I found the post below from Mbrooks420 and it saved me ALOT of time. I got my Panasonic HU in, and bypassed the amp using the wiring diagram that he posted. I had problems finding a wiring harness for the HU but I ended up using the power side (large) of the harness from my 91 and the speaker...
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    New installation with a few Probs..

    Check that your RCA wires for the PS or DVD are not close to power wires because they are very sensitive. It's best to run RCA wires and power wires as far away from each other as possible.
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    Ride far too stiff -- replace shocks?

    I noticed a big difference after putting on Michelin XCX/APT 31x10.50's. Even if you don't want to lift it you can run this size with no problem. The larger diameter will soak up the potholes alot better. Please DON'T disconnect your swaybars. The reason you feel you are tipping at every turn is...
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    2" lift/new spring pack/$230

    After alot of researching and thought I've made up my mind on how I'm going to lift my 96 X. I just installed 4 new Michelin XCX/ACP 31 x 10.50's. I'm very pleased with the ride, handling and traction (snow) of these tires. My old 91 had 30 x 9.50 BFG AT's and although I was very pleased with...
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    169,753 miles and going strong. Question to all.

    Who on here has the most miles on an Explorer without a rebuild? Mine is a 1991 XLT with 5-speed. I hate to sell it but I just bought a '96 and I must. My X has never left me stranded and seems to run as good as the day I bought her. No smoke, noise, or loss of power. I've become attached and am...