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    What do ya pay for insurance

    106 a month full coverage w/250 deductable
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    The official 20,000th member guess thread

    My guess is Nov 3rd....but the 15th is my b-day!
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    Thinking of joining the Army, and thoughts? suggestions?

    Doug, If you like electronics and mechanics, you might think about medical equipment repair (BIG BUCKS IN CIVILIAN WORLD) probably a sign on bonus as well. Me, I've been in 6 years as a Preventive Medicine Technician MOS-91S. It's a really good field, transfers real nicely. It deals with...
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    The Guess the Movie Thread!

    Tex-Blazing Saddles
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    The Guess the Movie Thread!

    Brandons- Practical Magic Texsplorer-Green Mile
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    St.Louis Hooters Meet Saturday 8/30, Be there!

    Would love to go, hope I get paid this Friday!!!
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    cleaned IAC valve now it makes whistle...HELP!!!

    I bought mine for 62 bucks at Auto Zone, Ford wanted 95 (Imagine that).
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    IAC possibly going bad?

    I just replaced my IAC, only cost me 60 bucks, really easy to do, just two 10mm bolts and a clip. Took me all of five minutes to do. The reason I replaced mine is because I had a loud howling coming from the air cleaner.
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    My mods saved my truck!!!

    74 is right they are 33's
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    My mods saved my truck!!!

    Today I got into a lil "fender bender". I was on my way off post when the lady in front of me pulled off on the shoulder to do what i believe was a u-turn. Now normally the person who is doing this would stop and look for traffic, but as I passed her she pulled out and hit the passenger side of...
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    I would love to attend, I'm originally from the Fort Worth area, but I would need directions to get there. I will be on leave that month, so it is a good time.
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    STX Explorer?

    Warrior Shackles can be bought just get the phone # off the web site, call em up and tell them you want WAR#153.
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    limited slip, locker, or open?

    I already have 4.10 gears, I may eventually go with higher but for now I'm good. Which lockers do you recommend?
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    limited slip, locker, or open?

    :( Open, need advice on what to get to replace though, and about how much it would cost?
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    Tellico Revisited.. June 28th

    I know this is probably a stupid question, but where is Tellico, and how can I get there?
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    Where are you from??

    Well, I consider myself from Texas but I am an Army brat from all over....As of right now I, myself, am stationed at Fort Knox, KY.:banghead:
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    Nitto Terra Grapplers

    Got pics but haven't been able to get them posted, been a busy week. I'll get them to Yomie to get them posted soon.
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    Nitto Terra Grapplers

    Just got 285/75/16s.......LOVE THEM! Look great on the X, ride great. Got mine at for $133 including s/h. Only cost me about 45 to mount and balance them.
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    if your explorer could talk...

    My X would say "thanks for the lift and the tires b!tch!!" :D "now lets go 4wheelin"
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    Welcome a new member, EdgeEx!

    Thanks to all for the welcome. No pics yet, will get some in hopefully this weekend.:D
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    Welcome a new member, EdgeEx!

    Thanks for the welcome Yomie! Just wanted to drop in and say hey.....