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    Borla vs Flowmaster

    I got quoted 650 for a borla exhaust and from the sound on hte internet site the sound for the sport trac sounds awesome. No would it be possible to get a flowmaster to sound the same?
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    I'm looking to lift my Sport Trac, what type of shocks would provide the smoothest ride? What would you guys recommend?I've rode in my friend's rangers and they all have procomp schocks and the ride is really harsh, are all schocks gonna be like ths? I know most of the shocks dont provide a...
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    Stadx2- 4in superlift

    will that superlift 98 nad up ranger kit fit my sport trac? i read a thread where you posted that you need a spring-over- axle conversion kit from superlift for $135.00 if so would superlift stil warranty it?
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    Sport Trac

    would replacing my shocks with race runner\bilstein\doetcsh tech coil-over's give me a good amount of lift? how much do u think that will run around? what about just replacing them with explorer pro-comp or edlebrock shocks with national springs? any idea of a price?
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    Sport Trac

    ya i saw his lift it looks pretty god, but i wanted it high in the front it that possible using the same setup?
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    Sport Trac

    damn i was hoping to get a lift too. :( I have been seeing a lot of posts about "wp shackles" how much lift would i get from that and a torsion lift and bigger tires? i wanted it a little bit higher in the front for the cali lift look any sugestions?
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    Sport Trac

    well i got mine last sunday at bob baker the sticker price was about 28,500, and I was lucky enough to get a 4000 dollar rebate which was only good for that weekend. But when i added the moonroof (aftermarket) with tax and all it came up to about 31
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    Sport Trac

    Would it be possible to put a coil-over system on my truck? if so abotu how much woudld it run for? I heard they have to custom weld and egine cage or something..
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    Sport Trac

    hey everyone, i just got a sport trac (4wd) last week and i have been looking for a way to lift it. I went to 4wheelparts and they told me the only superlift is coming out with a lift and they wont have one out til summer, mid-summer, too long to wait. Then I went to PG series and they told me...