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    Delay in Blower for AC/Heat.

    94 Explorer XLT. The blower (fan) for the climate control is delayed in kicking on. When 1st starting, it does not function (can not control the fan speed w/ the dial). Once you are underway (driving about 3/4 mile (or a few minutes), it starts to work fine. The A/C switch works fine at...
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    Intermittent Starting Issue

    Quick update. Since replacing the fuel filter, the Explorer 'acted up' once. At the time it would not start, I went ahead and wiggled the wire connection on the fuel pump relay switch (the switch on the passenger side behind the carpet). And it started right up!. The relay switch itself is not...
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    Intermittent Starting Issue

    Okay, I just replaced the fuel filter. We'll see what happens. Passing on a few things learned. The bolts on the bracket holding the fuel filter to the frame are 1/2. I could only find the plastic connector release gizmos. While the 5/16 sized one will tease you that it will work, the...
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    Intermittent Starting Issue

    Thanks. Another 'clue' that dawned on me was that the Explorer has never not started 1st thing in the morning (after sitting all nite).
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    Intermittent Starting Issue

    94 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4 Completely stock. 110K miles I'm having a problem where my Explorer will (randomly) not start. I'm experiencing this problem about once or twice per month. Happening maybe 3 or 4% of the time - and tends to happen in waves (I.E. acts up for a few times and then...
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    Weird Brake light issues

    My dashboard brake light came on. While the brake fluid was not low, it was not full either. Added a splash of brake fluid and the light went off. This forum helps me out yet another time. Thank you. BTW, I've also had to replace the brake relay switch a few times. On my explorer, I know it has...
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    [PHOTO DIARY] First Gen Explorer Water Pump Removal in 10 Steps.

    I just replaced waterpump in 1993 Explorer. These picture and instructions were very helpful. Thanks! Two quick things. 1. Removing the Idler Pulley makes it easier to remove gasket residue. (top of picture 8 on removal). Comes off in seconds with 15mm. 2. I found an easy way that to keep...
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    Factory Roof Rack Removal.

    1994 XLT Explorer. How does one remove the Factory/OEM roof rack? Specifically, I'd like to remove the black rails inset in the roof. While the main outer rails seems to be fastened with philips screws, the inner rails seem to be fastened to the roof with rivets or ??. What is the best...