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  1. Number4

    Time to make a decision

    Thought it would be cool to put a 4BT Cummins into it, but try finding one of those for less than 3k.
  2. Number4

    Time to make a decision

    I’m actually looking into a 78-84 Mercedes Diesel, or a modern Passat/Golf TDI. I drive a lot with my job and gas is killing me. My wife has an ‘05 Explorer. It’s a V6 but can tow my 12’ 2x axle trailer. As well, if I ever fix my ‘85 F150, it can too. I have an ‘08 750il, and it’s a blast...
  3. Number4

    Time to make a decision

    I have an ‘04 XLT, 4wd, 4.6 with a 3.73. It has 292k on it and it’s original Tran’s. • I last did the timing at 150k and it needs it again. • I believe it has a rear main seal leak. • I’m getting a binding noise/sensation at low speed, after it’s been sitting. Which I believe is the rear end...
  4. Number4

    Spark Plug Change Question

    If the new plugs come with “silver” colored threads (which they should) do not add anti seize. The silver coating is an anti seize coating. The torque value is only 13 lbs or so.
  5. Number4

    Engine Knocking - Rods?

    It would be a pain if it’s 4wd.
  6. Number4

    Any suggestions/personal experiences with life expectancy?

    My ‘04 4.6 4wd Ex is at 285k. Original engine and trans. The last 40k, I’ve been bad about oil changes. I have a rear main seal leak, so I’m adding oil monthly. Been going 20-25k miles before doing actual oil changes…. Did timing at 150k, I get rattle on load, so it’s time again. Wheel...
  7. Number4

    Engine Knocking - Rods?

    You can run it with the cover off. First feel the rollers to see if any play.
  8. Number4

    Front Bearings Keep Failing 2WD

    What makes you think they are bad? If you jack up the front and grab the top bottom of the wheel, does it have play? (Note, not all bad bearings will.) The primary sign, is road noise. That sound of off road lugged tires on turns.
  9. Number4

    Upgrade Suggestions

    These vehicles have low frames. You’d need more than a body lift or you risk getting high centered.
  10. Number4

    Metal on metal sound behind drvrs dash

    Update: the noise is from the engine bay. If I press down on the master cylinder the sound can’t be made. (I can make the sound by hitting the tire.) If I lift up on the master cylinder, the sound just changes. Pressing on the metal brake lines changes but doesn’t prevent the sound. The...
  11. Number4

    mode door lever is broke, but how can I test the actuator for it?

    Ford had told me these doors break because the actuator fails. What I’ve done is peg the door in defrost position during the winter and not during summer. Using a piece of plastic to wedge it.
  12. Number4

    Parking Brake Cable Hanger/Bracket Replacement?

    Wrecking yard would be your best bet.
  13. Number4

    Body Control Module Info?

    This is also a symtom of a bad alternator or alternator wire to PCM connector.
  14. Number4

    Upper coolant hose? Help me identify this hose.

    It’s a heater hose and the plastic restrictor is known to break. A new one at Ford used to be under $20. Just reuse your spring hose clamps.
  15. Number4

    Power Steering Pump

    The whinny Ford pumps aren’t on this gen. I believe most aftermarket’s now are new. Historically the reman’d ones were problematic. You should be fine with whatever brand your get.
  16. Number4

    Wonky gauges

    The gauges are impacted by a bad alternator, or, a bad connection to the PCM. The plugs at the alternator may be loose.
  17. Number4

    03 explorer misfire

    The rear guide appears to be completely gone.
  18. Number4

    03 explorer misfire

    You need to pull the engine, remove the passenger side head and put in new valves. If you have a borescope (camera that can go in spark plug holes) you can look at the drivers side piston tops for valve contact marks. But you probably have a similar issue there too. You have to remove the...
  19. Number4

    Who makes quality aftermarket parts for our vehicles? Mechanics please help

    Metal, wire, plastic etc all cost money. Lower priced items have lower quality versions and less of these materials in them. Brands that consistently are more expensive, tend to have better materials in them, which is why they cost more. A mechanics input doesn’t really mean much. They...
  20. Number4

    Rear Spindle Assembly

    I used to work for a major parts store. The “Teflon” or whatever joint that was used, was not advertised. The manufacturer actually added zerk fittings back as old school mechanics just couldn’t grasp the technology. Moog is the same quality as NAPAs value line, in most cases (historical, as...
  21. Number4

    Rear Spindle Assembly

    I don’t know that quality exists anymore. I’ve had Timkin and SKF fail early, Monroe went to crap. Moog is crap. At any rate, comes with a 10 year warranty, I guess I’ll be the Guinea pig.
  22. Number4

    Rear Spindle Assembly

    Most modern ball joints, tie rods etc aren’t greased. They have a Teflon joint or something.
  23. Number4

    03 explorer misfire

    Pretty sure you have 4 bad cylinders. 1-3, 5
  24. Number4

    03 explorer misfire

    Compression test.
  25. Number4

    03 explorer misfire

    A misfire on 1-3 would indicate you’ve jumped time. The guides and tensioner for this are in the back. Meaning you have to pull the engine to fix. If it jumped time, you’ll also need to remove the pass. head and install new valve stems. Before doing this, look into the coil. But it’d be odd...