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    4wd front diff actuator

    If I recall correctly your transmission needs to be in either neutral or park in order to go to 4lo
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    4wd front diff actuator

    I recently installed a 96 vacuum front axle into my 98 ,was not aware of the vacuum system when I got front axle!! What I did was very simple. Remove activator slide collar over shafts to lock in axle shafts make sure. make sure activator fork is in line with collar. Reinstall activator onto...
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    Is a Rear Air Deflector Cool and Do These Mud flaps Make My Rear Look Fat? (Trying to minimize getting road gunk on the rear of my X)

    MAS: What brand is that rear deflector & is there attaching hardware with it. What are you asking for it? How much for shipping to 98580. Thanks Thomas
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    NOTAJP goes solid 1st gen. leaves

    my small dog jumped up when I wasnt finished typing & caused it to be posted. Did not see a close up or shackle set up for front leafs. Is it REVOLVER type or standard shackles & how is the frame end set up for the rear of front leafs. Also where can I get the high steer set up for the D30 CAD axle
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    NOTAJP goes solid 1st gen. leaves

    NOTAJP: is that cross section with holes in it that front leaf spring mounts are welded to a factory cross section of the frame? I have a 94 Ranger that im doing a SAS to using the YJ front axle as well. picked up one a few months back with new 4.88 Yukon gears already installed. Is there a soa...
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    Solved Transmission and Transfer Case Specs by year

    can a 1350 be a direct swap in place of a 1354? Just want to find out if the 1350 has a noise issue like my 1354 has, which I believe to be the chain has stretched. Both TCs were picked up from C/L sellers years ago. I just installed the 4wd 5spd & 1354 into my lifted 2wd ranger this last week...
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    1996 Explorer. The transmission only changes gears when I ease off of the throttle pedal.

    a lot of ford A/T problems could be a blown valve body gasket &/or so1LAI2333noi2sas needing to be replaced/ upgraded
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    Explorers refused at Discount Tire?

    well It still is an issue as I was gonna buy 265/75/16s for stock explorer rims for my 98 explorer w/3"BL, & TT, warrior shackles & AAL last summer at Disc Tire & they would only do it if it was carry in wheels & carry out mounted.
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    Explorers refused at Discount Tire?

    the issue will come up again for air checks or flat repair's.
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    RockRangerII Refresh

    so 63" chevy leaf spring with your hangers & shackles will gain how many inches of lift & is that with out any lift blocks?
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    List of Useful Threads Ford Explorer & Ranger Solid Axle Swap - SAS - Registry Index

    cant seem to find pics showing "91 solid axle swap" by chief34
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    RockRangerII Refresh

    Just finished reading all 17pages, AWESOME FABRICATIONS I really think I want both front & back rear leaf spring mounts & your beltech style shackle's as well as the mud flap brackets. All could be DIY as I have a mig welder. Questions you might have some insight to as your wife's jeep is leaf...
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    FRONT blower motor working intermittently. ( ignition switch?)

    didn't realize it was that old of a thread, so sorry as All I did was do a search
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    2001 Ranger Edge Front to 2000 Explorer

    So do you have any modification pics to what you did to make the rear flares work on the explorer
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    FRONT blower motor working intermittently. ( ignition switch?)

    same issue happening with my 98 XLT. Wife is getting up set
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    RockRangerII Refresh

    how much are you asking for your mud flap brackets? are you welding them up or sending them as a DIY weld up kit?
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    2001 Ranger Edge Front to 2000 Explorer

    so im curious, do you thinks a 2001-2005 or newer front bumper will bolt onto the 95-2001 explorer frame horns & are those stock explorer flares on the back or are they Ranger flares, they tend to look different?
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    Solved Lifts and Max tire sizes

    I would like to run 285/75/16s on my 98 Explorer. I already did the TT & warrior shackles & AAL for the suspension & a Ranger 3" BL kit. My explorer has 3.73 gears, But im assuming I should have gears changed to 4.10s for that size tire. In 2015 I swapped my 265/75/16 MT from my Ranger to the...
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    Custom RLC Winch Bumper on 1998 XLT

    What's the diam of the tubing & did RLC make them as well? What brand of light bar brackets & light bar are you using?
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    Custom RLC Winch Bumper on 1998 XLT

    Where is RLC located? Are those D ring brackets welded inside as well or just surface mounted? I see your in Wa. where abouts as im in Puyallup with a 98 as well
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    Truck of the Week! Johnstone's Sport Trac 1/19/04

    John why did you go with a drum 8.8 instead of the original disc 8.8? What all was done to the front to make it as level as the rear being as you did a perch flip to the rear? Was there a LSD in the 8.8 originally prior to the Powertrax Lockright? Any clearance issues near front original fenders...
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    Show off your LIFTED 2nd GEN

    what PA body lift kit # is being used for the 98-2001 Explorer? I used the blocks that was with a 98 Ranger bed & extended cab I bought several years ago, The cab also had the steering column extension, but both front & rear bumpers were already sold. so I don't have the bumper relocation...
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    1st gen Expedition roof rack

    hows about showing some pics of the front & rear bumpers
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    New pics....lowered, 20's, aviator mirrors, etc...

    anyone know if those aviator mirrors will bolt onto the 98 explorer
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    Solved Torsion Bar 101, Everything you Need to look for!

    keep or disconnect sway bars & what size bolt is needed for it to be 1" longer OK just read all 26 pages & three questions was never brought up or not answered. I have a 98 EXP xlt 4.0 SOHC 4wd it has the (B) Torsion Bars 1) If a AAL & shackle kit & TT is done for a 1"-3" lift is it best...