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    Sirius audio quality - changed after MFT update

    My wife took her explorer for a recall and they updated the software while she was there. Since then (I believe this is when it started), the Sirius quality is AWFUL. I mean less than FM, even passengers have commented. I know Sirius is compressed audio, but it was MUCH better before. Quality is...
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    A faster, simpler, better myford touch is here - MFT Update

    Rebecca, is the update (not maps) being upped to sycnmyride? I recall this being mentioned before, but I've not seen anything,
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    2012 xlt and snow Chains vs winter tires

    Follow up question. my tires on the '12 are P245/60/R18 The Blizzak's only seem to be listed on tirerack at 245/60/R17? Could it just be they're out of stock in the R18s?
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    MFT Questions ... so far ...

    Its on my XLT - it allows you to set the speakers for driver only, driver and passenger only, or all passengers.
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    Is there a difference with the USB hotspot versus using the iPhone existing one? ATT charge (iirc) for this facility. Would the MFT tether be classed as an ATT tether and therefore subject to a montly charge?
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    2012 xlt and snow Chains vs winter tires

    Thanks for the great replies. I will take up the pm option kcdave. I just want to put some tires on over the winter and not change them each weekend we go to the mountains!
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    2012 xlt and snow Chains vs winter tires

    Thanks for the reply and the welcome! I don't mind changing them over each year, if they give a lot more tracts in snow. Really trying to see if I can live with winter tires and no snow chains, and at what cost from a grip in the snow perspective.
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    2012 xlt and snow Chains vs winter tires

    Hello We are picking up our xlt this Sunday, hooray! Anyway. We live in southern California but have a small cabin in the mountains. I'm looking for advice on winter tires versus snow chains. As th snow starts coming in, snow chains and or winter tires become mandatory on the mountain...