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  1. J

    Soundstream Refrence 705- Smokin Deal- !!!!!

    my email address is I check my email about every hour.
  2. J

    Soundstream Refrence 705- Smokin Deal- !!!!!

    I have an almost brand new soundstream refrence 705 multi channel top of the line monster amp for sale rated power @ 4 ohms is 50x4 plus 200x1 or @2 ohms you get 75x4 plus 400x1 there is two outputs for the sub channel so you can run up to 6 subs off this amp sub channel is stable @ 1 ohm mono...
  3. J

    Eclipse competion cd reciver for sale

    I have the 5504 eclipse cd player for sale mint condition remote control under 6 months old. paid 550 will sacrifice for 350 dollars because I sold my explorer and new car has bose system. can be seen at click on picture go to products, click on cd recivers mine is the second one...
  4. J

    Kenwood or Clarion?

    Pete, I have a killer deal I will give you an eclipse cd reciver 5504 for 350 I paid 550 for it less then 6 monts ago it can be seen at let me know what you think!!!
  5. J

    car audio for sale Eclipse cd- Soundstream amp

    the amp is still available if your friend wants it chh777.
  6. J

    Replaceing Stock deck, will changer still work?

    what makes you belive that not having a built amp has the same sound quality as one with a built in amp???? that is crazy!! For one the component in a stereo that causes the most interfence is the amplifier, that is why Sony ES and Onkyo put huge walls in there home recievers to separate the...
  7. J

    full range or component

    by far separates are the way to go!!! The problem with car stereo systems is "stereo imaging" stock speakers usually arn't in the best place the higher frequences really get drowned out by this because the speaker is not faced toward your ear its usually down by your feet! with separate...
  8. J

    car audio for sale Eclipse cd- Soundstream amp

    I sent you another email let me know if you get it . I've had a lot of problems out of my email account for the last month and I am currently tring to get it fixed. but anyway I still have the amp for sale it is in mint condition no scratches or scuffs at all. I have used it about 5 months and...
  9. J

    Spark Plug Wires

    I bought excell extreme 9000 wires they very good probably the best wire out there down fall is there 70 dollars I also put in bosch platinum 4's but if I had it to do all over again I would have spent about 40 dollars on the cheap stuff instead of 110 dollars on good stuff the performance...
  10. J

    Replaceing Stock deck, will changer still work?

    cd changer will not work with after market alpine. the changer works though the head unit an after market radio cd changer plugs are different every manufacturer is different so you can not mix up brands. as for the speakers you are probably better off with a cd player (in dash) that has no amp...
  11. J

    car audio for sale Eclipse cd- Soundstream amp

    I dont have the exact dimensions but I believe it to be about 23 inches long by 10 inches wide.
  12. J

    car audio for sale Eclipse cd- Soundstream amp

    I'll look tonight when I get off work and will post the dimensions tomarrow mourning...
  13. J

    car audio for sale Eclipse cd- Soundstream amp

    5504 Eclipse cd head unit competion quality no built in amp just cd and FM tuner for superior sound quality lots of features 550dollars brand new asking 400 obo only 5 months old Soundstream Refrence 705 the (big boy of amps) 6 channel amp power your whole system with this one and then some...
  14. J

    suspension lift or body lift

    I have a 93 sport and I want it to take on a bigger apperance I would like to run 32 or 33's and probably 12.5 wide something that will stick out a bit. I don't do any serious off roading but I do like to play in the snow alot. I 've looked at all kinds of brands but I am very confused at which...
  15. J

    I am replacing my stock head unit

    buy an adapter much easier to install. but I think you have got to get the amp by pass kit because of the separate amp in the stock unit check yours out first.
  16. J

    Sound, Volume question

    I belive there is nothing wrong with your cd player or your head unit fm signals when coming in, in stereo are have a higher sensitivity then cd play I believe it could be from that there might be an fm booster in your stereo. this is nothing to worry about I have the top of the line eclipse...
  17. J

    is there any way too

    no stockamps are not designed to push that kind of power dont do it you will fry the amp because the amp will see to low of an ohm load and will either blow a fuse or melt down the internal components of the amp
  18. J

    Check engine light?????

    well ive checked plugs wires air intake system, and still nothing I did notice that my over flow resivor was bone dry. but I just flushed my system two months ago and last week it was fine about the time the faithful check engine light has come on. My idle is sorta rough now and Im still hearing...
  19. J

    Sound, Volume question

    FM broad casts have a higher signal to noise ratio then cd's every car stereo is like this
  20. J

    Engine whine thru front speakers

    CHECK YOUR GROUND that is probably the reason is the surface sanded properly? If it is painted and not sanded down to the bare metal you will get interfence. If problem still occurs separate the two grounds so there grounded individualy. this should help but keep in mind the reason why jensen...
  21. J

    another explorer problem

    My battery recently died and I replaced it I also checked my alternater and its fine but the sound is still there. there is a sound that started about a week ago and it sounds like a grinding noise under the hood. It all most sounds like the motor oil is low and the motor is grinding but thats...
  22. J

    Speakers mounted on rear hatch???

    That was the first place that came to my mind to put extra speakers. but when I took the paneling off and looked I decided it was a bad Idea unless you want to under go alot of work. There are alot parts in that rear hatch you might not be aware of like the lock and its components if you put...