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    '05 sport trac keyless entry

    Hey, I'm going to answer my own question. I tried something I had read earlier, and it worked perfectly ! Remove the plastic trim over the defroster vents ( a butter knife worked great, and after the first tab, the rest popped loose easily ). Raise the passenger side wiper out of the way, and...
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    '05 sport trac keyless entry

    I just bought an '05 Sport Trac and need to find the keyless entry code. Apparently, Ford has used a bunch of different locations, and most of the info I have found has been for older vehicles. Anyone know exactly where it is for an '05 ? I hate to start taking off panels at random. Thanks.......
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    Just saying Hello !

    Hi, I just bought my Sport Trac 5 days ago, and am still getting used to it. A huge improvement over my old S10 !! It's an 05 xlt, completely stock so far, but that is subject to change. I live in S.W. Missouri, and do a lot of fishing for bass, and musky in a couple of lakes that stock them. I...