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    biggest tires on explorer sport?

    what are the biggest tires you can fit on a stock 01 explorer sport. with 16 inch wheels. 255/70/16 come stock, so 265/70/16 shouldnt be a problem. will 265/75/16s fit stock, with torsion twist?
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    2001 Explorer Sport Lift Questions

    what are you smoking? your ex will look goofy as hell lifted 6" with only 33x10.5s, lift smaller or get bigger tires
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    2001 Explorer Sport Lift Questions

    dude you can fit 33x10.5s easily, with about 2 inches, a stock 01 ranger can fit it, coil spacers and shackles would do it. for 33x12.5s, a 4" suspension would be your best option. for 35s, 4" suspension + 3" body
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    2-door sport lift

    what is the best option for lifting and clearing 33x12.50s on a 2001 explorer sport 2-door? this is without fender trimming. suspension lifts, not body
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    RCD RANGER 4" coilover kit for "4x4" !!

    will this rcd kit work for a 2001 2-sport? sorry if this has already been answered i didnt want to read all 23 pages
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    Will 30'' fit?

    if you are getting 30x9.5s or 31x10.5s and you dont plan on going bigger, get a 15x7 wheel especially on the 30, a 15x8 is fine on 10.5 up to 12.5. but 15x7 will be a good fit for both the 30x9.5 and 31x10.5
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    Lifted 2001 Sport

    i am looking for any pics of a lifted 2001+ Explorer Sport (2-door), anything would be appreciated