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    Slow Fuel Fill Problem

    Hi, I looked for this item a while ago and after reading think that I’ve realized, not yet discovered, my problem. Mud dawbers. Noticed a few nests under the hood when we left the vehicle for a period of time and I’m willing to bet this is my issue on the vent line. What’s the easiest way to...
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    Factory Keyless Entry Code/2010 Eddie bauer

    Tried posting this on the keyless entry code thread but I have a 2010 Eddie Bauer and I'm trying to find the "computer module" (as called out by the owners manual) for the five digit code. Any one offer some advice? I looked near the jack, under the hood, under the drivers side dash, the...
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    All you need to know about keyless entry

    Unable to locate "computer module" for Factory code Hi We just purchased a used 2010 Eddie Bauer and the dealer (not ford) didn't have the keyless entry code. I'm trying to locate the "computer module" described in the owners manual which states the 5 letter code is on it. It's not in...