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    Serpentine Belt Tensioner not matching up

    I removed my A/C Compressor so my belt is already smaller than standard. I am putting the same belt back on and it fits loose right over where the '92 tensioner sits. A little bit of a smaller belt would make it work, but I was just under the impression that the tensioner was wrong because my...
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    Serpentine Belt Tensioner not matching up

    I edited my post but you may not of seen it. I tried this one also and it did not tighten the belt at all. the belt just loosely went around it. Thanks Equnoxe, i'll try driving by ford and giving them a try. never actually thought of going to a dealer about the problem.
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    Serpentine Belt Tensioner not matching up

    I found that one listed at advanced auto parts and bought it from there and tried putting it is also wrong. the mounting part of it is correct, but the pulley is placed in the wrong spot. That one from the '92 is kind of off center to the side, but the one on my truck is off centered to the...
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    Serpentine Belt Tensioner not matching up

    I have a 1993 Ford Explorer V6 4.0L engine, and am having trouble finding the correct serpentine belt tensioner. Every place online and every local auto parts store is telling me it is this one. I bought it the first time and returned it shortly after. the mounting brackets on my engine...
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    Serpentine Belt without A/C?

    I have a '93 explorer, I dont not use the A/C and would like to remove it. Ive done some looking around but havent found anything. Im wondering if there is a serpentine belt that will fit for what I want to do? the stock one will be to long after that pulley is gone.. thanks for any help!
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    Lifting for a non-offroader?

    Hello all, I have a 1993 Explorer XLT that is stock at the moment. I do some very light off-roading such as small dirt trails and whatnot, nothing more serious than that. Otherwise I use my truck to get where I have to day-to-day. I love the feeling of being up high in a vehicle so i am looking...
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    Comment by 'fainter' in media 'My Hidden Amp'

    im looking to do something similar. probably get hot in the summer...but I beat its just right in the winter with it in there.